There is Always Room For S’more!

Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire with good friends and great food? And what is a campfire without some delicious s’mores? Always Room For S’more is the newest subscription box to hit the market and it caters to all of your fireside s’more needs. Every month, they send out a box full of goods that are perfect for a great night with family and friends. The box usually has a theme. This months box was Valentine’s themed to celebrate the month of love.

Some funky items to get your sweet treats ready!

Always Room For S’more includes some essentials in your first month to get you set up. With your first box, you receive two extendable roasting sticks. I really liked that non-food items were included in the box, it brings everything together for a great roasting experience! New to me, were two other cool items; a Sterno and a cover. A Sterno is a canned heat source that can mimic a campfire. So wherever you are you can experience s’mores! I’ve never heard of these so it was a unique experience to use one. The Sterno and cover are reusable (so don’t toss them!) and each subsequent box after your first will include a new Sterno Green Heat refill to roast your marshmallows


Each box contains the ingredients to make 8 s’mores, a surprise bonus treat, and a recipe card for a yummy s’more dessert. The s’mores basics include; graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. I was really surprised that the crackers survived an overseas shipping journey. They were all intact except for one which had broken down the center (which is how I’d usually break them anyway 🙂 ). The four Hershey bars was a substantial amount of chocolate.

Marshmallows are essential to a good s’more and Always Room For S’more definitely delivers!

Marshmallows are essential to a good s’more and Always Room For S’more definitely delivers! They searched high and low for the perfect marshmallow and the Plush Puffs Marshmallows didn’t disappoint. There were two kinds of marshmallows in this box. The more suitable ones for roasting were adorably heart-shaped, fluffy and super tasty, in both pink and white. There was more than enough marshmallows to go around, both for roasting and snacking! Also included was a box of gourmet marshmallows which were s’more flavoured. Handcrafted by Plush Puffs, these marshmallows have graham chunks and chocolate chips mixed in and it makes for a perfect snack. 

Along with the s’more building blocks, other s’more related snacks were included in this box of goodies. There was a s’more themed trail mix that was a not only adorable but also super tasty. There were also two s’more flavoured snack bars!

With the option to subscribe month to month, or on a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription the Always Room For S’more offers great value for money options. As their catchphrase exclaims, why not Get cozy and stay a little while by the fire with the Always Room For S’more subscription box today


A great on-the-go snack

February Always Room For S’more Details

The Cost:
$24.99 USD per month


  • Sterno (4.00)
  • Sterno cover (7.00)
  • Roasting sticks (2 x 3.00)
  • Granola bars (2 x 1.00)
  • Plush Puff gourmet s’more marshmallows (6.00)
  • Heart shaped marshmallows (2.00)
  • Honey graham crackers (Approx 1.00)
  • Custom s’more trail mix (2.00)
  • Hershey chocolate bars (4 x 2.00)

Total Retail Value:

$38.00 USD

The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 5 out of 5.



$24.99 per month

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