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Get Excited With New The Market Case Subscription Box

Every year around Spring time the same thing happens, I get a hankering for some good farmer’s market action. There is something salubrious about coming out of winter hibernation and going in search for new products, flavours and trends to help mark the start of Spring. The Market Case subscription box makes this a wholesome task easier with its monthly delivery of speciality products from Farmers Markets all over Australia.

Each box contains small-batch products from some of Australia’s most exciting artisan producers and growers ranging from food-items to coffees, teas, organic cosmetics, gifts and homewares. Every delivery is a surprise and reflects the incredible talent found in Australian small businesses.

small-batch products from some of Australia’s most exciting artisan producers and growers

Red Polka Dots for The Market Case
The Market Case contents come beautifully wrapped in a bright polka dot tea towel.

The July Market Case was gorgeous and arrived with the contents beautifully wrapped in a bright polka dot tea towel. First impressions count, and I love the one this subscription box gives.   My favourite product was the Boonderoo Walnut and Date Roulade simply because, it tasted amazing and went so well with my afternoon espresso. Equally enjoyable as an afternoon treat was the Bizzari Dolci Hand Made Biscuits (with tea) and the Petite Provence Gourmet Olives (with wine).

The Market Case Afternoon Snacks
Afternoon tea breaks made better with The Market Case

I enjoyed experimenting with the Amber Drop Honey Ginger Honey  and its subtle ginger infusion. I found myself adding it to stir-fries and salad dressings for a bit of extra kick.

New product flavours with The Market Case
Discover new flavour variants with The Market Case

The Ginger & Lime Chilli Honey from Anthony’s Sauces and Condiments transformed a batch of chicken wings into gloriously sticky goodness. I think it is safe to say that I broke a personal best record with the number of wings I consumed that evening.

The Market Case Lifestyle Products
The Market Case adds lifestyle products into the mix

The Market Case team balance out the product range with a few non-food items that they have found on Farmer’s Market scene. The De’Bees Signature Balms Gift Pack was excellent with the Pucker Up Vanilla Lip Balm, Breathe Easy Chest and Back Rub and Bees Wax Candle. I haven’t stopped using them. And the beeswax food wrap from Yardnajar was gorgeous with its retro floral print and handmade back story. It is the perfect size for everyday use and a practical alternative to plastic.

If you are someone who loves a little wander around a farmers markets but doesn’t always have the time to get to them, then I would highly recommend signing up to The Market Case. The cost is very reasonable, and the product range is expertly curated making for a hugely positive experience.

The Market Case Details

The Cost:
$ 34.95 monthly delivery (includes postage)
$ 99.00 3-month subscription (includes postage)


  • Bizzari Dolci Hand Made Biscuits
  • Petite Provence Gourmet Olives
  • Anthony’s Sauces and Condiments
  • De’Bees Signature Balms
  • Amber Drop Honey Ginger Honey
  • Booneroo Walnut and Date Roulade
  • Yardnajar Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Spotted Tea Towel

Total Retail Value:
$ 45.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Get Artisan Food and Lifestyle Products Delivered To Your Door

$ 34.95 monthly delivery (includes postage)

Enjoy Award-Winning Whisky Every Month With Whisky Loot

Now I may have just crawled out from under a rock, but it appears to me that the Whisky culture is having quite its moment in the sun these days. New whisky bars are opening up every-other-week, on-screen characters are making it their drink of choice and uber-cool publications are dedicating page after page to this amber liquid.  It is not surprising then that subscription boxes should follow suit. Introducing Whisky Loot – a monthly subscription box delivering three award-winning Whisky tasters each month along with expert tasting notes and a keepsake Whisky Journal.

The Whisky Loot Delivery
The Whisky Loot delivers three award-winning Whiskey tasters each month

From the minute Whisky Loot arrives you get a sense of the quality. The package is heavy with a sleek design. As soon as it arrived, I took a snap shot and sent it via group chat to see who was up for a night of premium Whisky tasting. The responses were an instantaneous ‘yes please!’.

To be fair, the 60ml bottles are not big enough to host a party with but they were big enough for a 4-people to enjoy a dram, chat about its merits and get a good feel for whether the Whisky is worth putting on the Christmas wish list.

Whiskey Loot Subscription
The Whisky Loot comes with expert tasting notes and a keepsake Whisky Journal.

It wasn’t just the Whisky itself that dominated the conversation; the Whisky Loot Keepsake Journal and Tasting Notes also took front and centre. These elements provide an informal tutorial into whisky to help move your whisky-game to the next level.

The team behind Whisky Loot go to great lengths to create a space where you can explore origins, flavour profiles, colours to identify your preferences and ensure you make better selections in the future.

The July delivery had three very different Whiskys each from a different continent.

Whisky Loot Subscription Tasting
The Whisky Loot is as much an education as it is an experience

The Pure Scot was my particular favourite. An award winning Scotch Whisky Blend from Bladnoch, Scotland it had a rich flavour with a slightly sweet smoky finish. It made me think of Christmas and fruitcake and long nights spent around an open fire.

The men in the group preferred the Whisky sampler from the Koval Distillery for its distinctive American flavours. Lighter than the PureScot, this whisky was easy drinking and an overall crowd-pleaser (if you can call 4-people a crowd)

Those more experienced Whisky drinkers in the group enjoyed the Australian Limeburners taster for its sweet fruity flavours and well-balanced finish.

The Whisky Loot subscription box does not put a foot wrong and is equally suited to men and women. I would highly recommend it as a gift for anyone who loves Whisky or for the person who has everything. Shoot, I would even recommend signing up to it yourself as a monthly treat.
Sign up now and get your first box for the reduced price of $49.95 (includes postage).

The Whisky Loot Subscription Box Details

The Cost:
$49.95 first month, $59.95 per month thereafter (includes postage)


  • Pure Scot Whisky (60 ml)
  • Koval Whisky (60 ml)
  • Limeburners Whisky (60 ml)
  • Tasting Notes
  • Whisky Journal

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Receive Three Award-Winning Whiskey Tasters Each Month

$49.95 first month, $59.95 per month thereafter (includes postage)

How to make crumpets better for you with Two Busy Bees

Recently I have been reading a lot about the health benefits of raw cold-filtered honey and the vast difference between it and the majority of Store-Bought Honey. Honey in its unprocessed form is considered a superfood. It provides huge nutritional and medicinal benefits through the natural enzymes and probiotics produced by the brilliant little bees. The trick is hunting down and finding honey that has been sourced and processed as naturally as possible without driving over all over town. The Two Busy Bees Subscription Box makes the search easy.

Two Honey Bees Raw Honey & Comb
What to eat first? The Crumpets soaked with honey or the honeycomb straight from the jar?

Two Busy Bees is a father and daughter team of beekeepers producing light, floral raw cold-pressed honey from their hives in sub-tropical Brisbane. Their range of small-batch products extends from jars of sweet or savoury Honey to Honey Marinades, Honey + Combs and Honey Nut Butters. They have also produced a monthly Honey Subscription Box to take the hassle out of sourcing pure raw honey and instead have it delivered directly to your door.

There are a variety of options when subscribing to The Two Busy Bees Subscription box ranging from either a two-jar package or a single jar. Each option includes raw honey and other honey related items such as pure beeswax goods, handmade honey candies, bee-themed home goods and gourmet edibles.

Two Honey Bees Honey Products
Each month Two Honey Bees send a range of honey-related products

I received the ‘Sweet Honey – Two Jar’ Subscription Box. It included one jar of Pure Raw Honey+Comb, a pot of Honey Nut Butter and two unbleached calico beeswax food wraps. The Two Busy Bees honey is incredibly smooth and delicate and yet has a full-bodied honey flavour. Crumpets never tasted so good! The HoneyComb nestled in the jar was the real treat though, and I loved every bit of its sticky goodness.

The Honey Nut Butter was interesting, and I wasn’t too sure how to use it. Thankfully Google pointed me in the right direction, and provided a recipe for honey choc nut bliss balls. They were too easy to whip up and impossible to resist.

The final product was the unbleached calico beeswax food wrap. It is a smart alternative to plastic cling wrap offering a super easy and environmentally sustainable way to store and protect food. Reusable and safe to use with most foods (steer clear of using it on raw meat, cheese and liquids), I am looking forward to giving the beeswax wraps a good workout in the kid’s lunch boxes.

The Two Busy Bees honey is incredibly smooth and delicate and yet has a full-bodied honey flavour.

The Two Busy Bees Honey Subscription Box would be perfect for people who like to get their sweet kicks with nature’s superfoods. So if the thought of dragging yourself off to Farmer’s Markets or exclusive, hard-to-find health stores this winter on the hunt for raw, cold-filtered honey doesn’t excite you then sign up and have Two Busy Bees send you a fresh batch every month. One thing to note though, due to quarantine restrictions, ‘Two Busy Bees’ are unable to deliver honey to TAS, WA, SA and internationally.


The Cost:
$21.95 (AUS) for monthly subscription (excludes postage)


  • Raw Sweet HoneyComb Honey (450gms)
  • Honey Chocolate Nut Butter (450gms)
  • Unbleached Calico Beeswax Food Wrap (x2)
  • Secret small bee-inspired surprise just for you

Total Retail Value:
$45 approx.

The Box Bureau Rating:


To Get Raw Cold-Filtered Honey Delivered to Your Door

$21.95/mo + postage
Due to quarantine restrictions, ‘Two Busy Bees’ are unable to deliver honey to TAS, WA, SA and internationally.

You need to know about The Foodies Collective box

You know a subscription box is better than good when you immediately set out planning a menu using most of the products delivered in the box and inviting friends over for a night of inspired eating. That was my experience with the Foodies Collective Box. This bi-monthly subscription box delivers some of Australia’s finest gourmet food products from the country’s most talented food producers in one easy pack.

The February Edit of the Foodies Collective Box
The February Edit of the Foodies Collective delivers summer big flavours

This Australian-made and owned subscription box carries a theme to each delivery ensuring that all the products flow together. The contents can be used in tandem or enjoyed on separate occasions. In the case of the February Foodies Collective Box, most of the products could be pulled together to produce an epic BBQ lunch or dinner.

In my case, I went for a Tex-Mex inspired menu with ribs, slaw and guacamole.  Drinks were Gin and Tonics, using the Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup and dessert was the simple but sinful Salted Honeycomb Ice-cream Sundae (I still dream about the Two Little Tarts Salted Honeycomb!)

Each Foodies Collective Box comes with a beautiful 10-page mini-magazine, introducing each brand featured in the box, offering entertaining tips and providing recipe ideas. I kept the February magazine on hand and used it many times across the two months for inspiration and new ideas. It was also an excellent way to get to know the food producers and develop new faves to follow and purchase from (Two Little Tarts you will have my heart always!).

I am a big fan of anything that helps keep boring eating at bay. A subscription to the Foodies Collective Box, with its quality products and well-thought-out curation, would ensure meals are kept new and anything but boring.

Foodies Collective Box Details

The Cost:
$69.00 for bi-monthly subscription (includes postage)


Total Retail Value:
$115.45 approx.

The Box Bureau Rating:



Use the code theboxbureau5  at the check out

The Change Box Makes Supporting Fantastic Ethical Brands Easy

I love the saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.
It is a simple reminder that we have the choice to be a positive influence in the world through our actions. The team at the Change Box make it that much easier to do this by supporting worthy causes and ethical brands through their subscription box.

Each month the Change Box sets out to introduce subscribers to products from businesses giving back to various causes and charities. Each product is hand-picked and unique ranging from natural beauty products, homewares, snacks and superfoods.

There is so much to love about The Change Box. From the warm tingles, you experience by being part of something bigger than yourself, to the discovery of some lesser known brands doing incredible things for the world around them.

Charles and Olivia featured in The Change Box
The Change Box introduces the Charles and Olivia bamboo toothbrush

For example, the Charles and Olivia bamboo toothbrush. This toothbrush is gorgeous, not only in how it looks but in how it feels. It is so soft and incredibly tactile that the sensory experience reminds you daily (assuming you brush your teeth that often) that you are making a difference. For every toothbrush sold, Charles and Olivia donated one to a child in a developing country. The packaging and soft bristles are recyclable, and the bamboo handle is biodegradable, so every which way you look at it this product is pretty awesome.

The Change Box I received also included more established brands that I had no idea were ‘one of the good guys’.

Frank Green featured in The Change Box
Reduce unnecessary waste by using Frank Green Smart Coffee Cups

Frank Green is one such brand. Obviously, their stylish Smart Cups are as sustainable as they are functional and go a long way to reducing unnecessary waste. I did not realise however that Frank Green donate a portion of its profits to the Earthwatch Institute to aid in their world-class environment-focused research.

My favourite product though was the Kakadu Plum Powder from the Kakadu Plum Co. This product is an antioxidant superfood native to Australia. High in vitamin C and long considered a Gift of the Dreamtime by Aboriginal Culture, this powder can be added to a huge range of meals, snacks and drinks to help build a healthier immune system. I have been using it in my morning smoothie to combat the beginnings of a cold and can feel the boost almost immediately. The Kakadu Plum Co’s mission is two-fold. It not only wants to contribute to Australian Indigenous communities but also the Australian Native Food Industry. Its products are ethically sourced and wildharvested in partnership and consultation with community leaders, and aim to create a greater working ecosystem for long-term sustainability. The more I read about this company, the more I love it.

“The Change Box Subscription Box is a one-stop shop for ethical products”

The remaining two products were both food items that I devoured quickly. The Katie’s Essential Banana Bread Mix was the easiest banana bread I have ever made particularly given it was allergy-friendly and vegan-friendly. 5% of all profits go towards a variety of charities listed on the website.

The Chocolate Yogi Creamy Mylk chocolate bar is an organic, raw, vegan bean-to-bar chocolate that is handmade in Australia. The team at The Chocolate Yogi use ethically sourced products to produce chocolate that is all-kinds-of-delicious-goodness. More than that, 10 cents from every chocolate bar sold goes to the Sea Sheperd organisation to help in the fight against whaling.

Shop Ethically, Subscribe to The Change Box
Support Ethical Brands, Subscribe to The Change Box

The Change Box Subscription Box is a one-stop shop for ethical products. I love the idea of being introduced to new brands supporting different causes and being made aware of the issues needing help. While we can’t support every charity or initiative that comes our way, the Change Box makes it easy to get on board with 4-6 causes every month – and that has to be a good thing, right?

The Change Box Details

The Cost:
$ 54.95 for monthly subscription (excludes postage)
$154.83 for 3-month pre-pay subscription (includes postage)
$291.00 for 6-month pre-pay subscription (includes postage)


  • Frank Green Smart Cup CafePay Enabled
  • Katie’s Essential Banana Bread
  • Charles & Olivia Bamboo Toothbrush
  • The Chocolate Yogi Creamy Mylk Chocolate Bar
  • Kakadu Plum Co. Plum Powder

Total Retail Value:

$65.00 approx.

The Box Bureau Rating:



$ 54.95/mo (excludes postage)

Why you need to subscribe to the beautiful Mishka Mail

Mishka Mail is one of the cutest subscription boxes I have ever reviewed. A subscription box for stationery lovers, Mishka Mail, delivers a monthly package of greeting cards, postcards, stickers, gift tags and a wall print by Melbourne-base illustrator Naira Tamanian.

Mishka Mail is a a dream for stationery lovers
Mishka Mail is filled with hand-drawn stationery from Melbourne-base illustrator Naira Tamanian

Each month a themed parcel is designed using three central characters. Mishka the Panda, Moxie the cat and Mo, the racoon. Each is adorable and adds the cutest personality to each design.

Mishka Mail is one of the cutest subscription boxes I have ever reviewed

Unlike other subscription boxes, Mishka Mail does not use a direct debit payment method. Instead, it sends out a reminder email each month when a new parcel is due for release. From here you can order your package with Paypal. I like the flexibility; it means you can miss a month if you have accrued more cards than you need or on the flip side, order more than one pack during peak card-giving months (September birthdays I am looking at you!)

The Mishka Mail package I received had a central theme of love to tie-in with Valentine’s Day. The designs across the pack were varied and too-cute-for-words! Having the cards on hand meant that I could surprise each of my children with a declaration of love on February 14th. I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, but having the cards at my fingertips, I thought ‘why not?’. The kids loved their cards and enjoyed the little surprise first thing in the morning. That is one of the significant benefits to a Mishka Mail subscription. By having the cards, gift tags, wall print and stickers on hand, you are more likely to go that extra step and gift someone with them because it is little or no fuss.

If you are a stationery nut, or simply like hand-drawn illustrations, head to the Mishka Mail website and sign up. You will be glad you did.

Mishka Mail Details

The Cost:
$26.00 (AUS) for Monthly subscription ( inc. postage)

4 x Greeting Cards + Envelopes
1 x Postcard
2 x Stickers
2 x Gift Tags
1 x Wall Print

Total Retail Value:
$26.00+ approx. (excl postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


$26/mo including postage

Blow your mind with an awesome Bean.Bar.You subscription

The Bean.Bar.You subscription box delivers loads of soul in the shape of top-notch chocolate. Created to introduce Australian chocolate lovers to some of the world’s best chocolate producers, the Bean.Bar.You subscription box goes to great lengths to educate & inform subscribers about the cocoa farming communities and chocolate makers to ensure subscribers enjoy a premium bean-to-bar chocolate experience.

Bean.Bar.You Subscription Box Vegan Favourite
The smartest looking chocolate bar I ever did see!

This month I received the Vegan box which is a slow, luxurious indulgence. This Bean.Bar.You subscription option is not one to be woofed done. Believe me, if it could have been it would have been. Instead, each bar was so beautifully unique and flavoursome that it had to be admired and savoured.

The Fruition Wild Bolivia bar was a limited edition dark chocolate. With a 74% cocoa content it is packed with flavour and was wonderfully crisp. According to the tasting notes supplied by the team at Bean.Bar.You, the Wild Bolivia bar is made using an extremely rare, wild genetic strain of cocoa originally harvested in the Bolivian rainforest. And while all of that is seriously impressive I fell in love with the packaging and chocolate design. It is a knock-out, and I am not surprised to read that Fruition has won several awards for the Wild Bolivia bar.

Bean.Bar.You introduces Hogarth Chocolate
Hogarth Craft Chocolate adds a touch of Gold to the Vegan Bean.Bar.You box.

Appealing to my inner-child, the Hogarth Chocolate Carenero Superior 72 Bar had a Charlie and the Chocolate factory feel to it, with its gold wrapping and artwork on the chocolate bar itself. If what they say is true about ‘eating with your eyes’ then I feasted on the Caberenero Superior 72. The cocoa itself originates from Venezuela, from the famous Casa Francesci family-owned cocoa trading house. Hogarth then produces their bars in small batches in New Zealand using minimal ingredients and traditional methods, including wrapping everything by hand. I enjoyed this chocolate after dinner, with a strong black tea. It became a bit of an evening ritual – packing away the dinner dishes and relaxing with the chocolate and cuppa for a few minutes before the bath/books/bed routine with the kids. The Hogarth Chocolate Cerenero Superior 72 was not a bar I could rush through, and I found a little bit went a long way.

Endorphin Turkish Coffee Vegan Chocolate Bar
Possibly one of the most interesting chocolates I have ever tasted

Perhaps the most intriguing chocolate in the Vegan Bean.Bar.You subscription box was the Endorfin Foods Turkish Coffee Bar. I think I loved this chocolate, but I can’t be sure. It had the kind of flavour profile that left you wondering. It was creamy and felt amazing as it melted in your mouth, but the taste moved this way and that, in a way that had you reaching for a second and third piece while you tried to make your mind up. And that is what I love about Bean.Bar.You, it is a real chocolate experience that is as educational as it is indulgent. I would love to hear what other subscribers thought of the Endorfin Foods Turkish Coffee Bar?

The Smooth Chocolator 72% Cacoa Madagascar
An Award-Winning Australian Vegan Chocolate Bar that tastes as good as it looks

Finally, the Award-winning Madagascar bar from Australian producer Smooth Chocolator was a real highlight. With a 67% cocoa content and a ripe raspberry and plum flavour profile, it was one of those chocolate bars you hesitate to share. Instead, it is one you enjoy while binge-watching Netflix and putting your feet up. I loved it and was quite proud to read that the Geelong-based Smooth Chocolator has won many international awards resulting in quite a following overseas.

The Bean.Bar.You subscription box is a must-have for chocolate lovers and world travellers. Anyone who has an interest in small batch production or a passion for food that uses sustainable and fair trade practices would love this monthly delivery. It is more than chocolate – it is an introduction to the world around us and the people who shape it. Sign up and get on board this chocolate covered soul train.


The Cost:
$44.95 (AUS) for Monthly subscription (+ postage)


  • Endorfin Foods Turkish Coffee
  • Endorfin Foods Single Origin
  • Hogarth Chocolate Caranero Superior 72
  • Fruition Wild Bolivia
  • Smooth Chocolator Madagascar

Total Retail Value:
$53.90+ approx. (excl postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:

Get your Bean.Bar.You Subscription Box Here

For Just $44.95/Mo + Postage

Reach for a cuppa more often with the Brewing Crate

There are two cups of tea during the day that I look forward to the most. My 2.30pm in the afternoon cup and my 7 pm one. The afternoon tea is the last cup that I can enjoy in quiet before the kids get home from school and the 7 pm cuppa is a brief moment of peace before the post-dinner chaos of getting the kids ready for bed kicks in. Recently, however, this has changed. The Brewing Crate subscription box has me reaching for a cuppa more frequently and using the process of brewing tea in a pot to relax no matter what the time of day it is.

What is the Brewing Crate?

Ruby Masala Chai
Ruby Masala Chai

The Brewing Crate is a personalised tea experience delivering loose leaf tea from some of the country’s best producers. The subscription options are extensive and based on personal preference. During the sign-up process, the team at Brewing Crate ask a series of questions to determine your ideal cup of tea. They then curate a loose leaf tea collection unique to you and send it direct to your door at your selected frequency.

If you prefer to explore tea across the black, green or herbal tea spectrum, then the Brewing Crate have three pre-set options that are one-off purchases. These are the Taster Box, Discovery Box and the Enthusiast Box. Each includes loose leaf tea from the Brewing Box partners and a bonus tea strainer for single cups of tea.

The Brewing Crate know a good cup when they see one
The TTotaler Foraging for Berries is great hot or as an iced tea

My favourite blend in this latest delivery is the TTotaler Foraging for Berries. TTotaler is a new partner to the Brewing Crate, and their tea range is 100% Australian grown. As the name suggests, the Foraging for Berries blend has a beautiful balance of fruit flavour as well as a smooth finish that is ideal for iced tea or as a vibrant hot drink.

take your cuppa to the next level via loose leaf tea

The Brewing Crate Subscription Box is for people who love their tea and know a good cup when they drink it. With teapots now coming with built-in strainers, it is too easy to ditch the tea bags and take your cuppa to the next level via loose leaf tea. If you are looking for a unique gift, then I recommend heading over to the Brewing Crate to sign up.

Brewing Crate Details

The Cost:
$ 21 for a monthly subscription (includes postage)
$ 22 for a bi-monthly subscription (includes postage)
$ 25-$50 for various one-off boxes (includes postage)

Country of Origin:


  • TTotaler Foraging for Berries
  • High Tea with Harriet London Breakfast Blend
  • Ruby Masala Chai

Total Retail Value:
$ 42.40 approx. (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating

Star Rating 4



$ 21 for a monthly subscription (includes postage)
$ 22 for a bi-monthly subscription (includes postage)
$ 25-$50 for various one-off boxes (includes postage)