Sunflower & Ivy is the Best Gift to Give and Show You Care

If you have ever walked along side someone struggling with a physical or mental illness, you have probably experienced that that feeling of helplessness along with the desire to do something to make things a little better, easier. The team at Sunflower & Ivy have created their Gift Boxes with this sentiment in mind; providing a thoughtful gift for adults and adolescents who could use a little therapeutic support due to illness. Each box is filled with carefully selected items to keep the recipient both occupied and nurtured.

Sunflower & Ivy Gift Box Contents
The Ocean Nurture Box is one of two Sunflower & Ivy Gift Boxes available.

There are two options in the Sunflower & Ivy range; the Ocean Nurture Box or the Garden Nurture box. Both are designed to not only pamper the recipient but also encourage playfulness through mindful activities.  Each box has a Survival Guide that dedicates a page of instruction and encouragement to each item in the box and sets a tone of curiosity, relaxation and courage.

Sunflower & Ivy Gift Pack for Wellness and Mindfulness
The Sunflower & Ivy Ocean Nurture Box has a range of pamper products with a strong focus on relaxation

The Ocean Box pamper products focus on relaxation and include a Foot and Bath Soak made of Himalayan and Epsom Salts, Peppermint Oil and Rose Petals. There is also a full-sized Essential Oil blend made from fragrances to encourage deep rest when applied to the wrist or pillow. Finally, to promote the benefits of mindfulness in daily routine, a full-sized scented soap has been included to help the recipient ‘get out of their head’ for a few minutes each day and treat their shower as a sanctuary away from worry.

Other therapeutic activities included in the Sunflower & Ivy Nurture Box range from doodling, blowing bubbles, visualisation exercises and prompts, perception-shifting exercises and a dream jar. I have spent 15-minutes each day this past week exploring each item and have enjoyed the interruption and the quietening of the mind that followed.

Sunflower & Ivy Ocean Nurture Box
Lose yourself and get-out-of-your-head with a range of therapeutic activities from doodling, blowing bubbles, visualisation exercises etc…

What I love about this subscription box is that the makers recognise that for some, these items and activities are new concepts and can seem a little “airy-fairy, woo-woo like”. They acknowledge it through the Survival Guide and encourage small steps to get started. I particularly enjoyed the glass jar of courage and curiosity for this reason.

Sunflower and Ivy have thought of everything, even offering a donation service. This service allows you to purchase a box anonymously and have it delivered to a person receiving treatment or going through rehabilitation that may not otherwise receive gifts. It is a practical way of offering hope and sending much-needed kindness into the world.

If you are looking for a way to connect and care for a friend, family member or even yourself that extends beyond traditional gifts, I would recommend the Sunflower and Ivy Nurture boxes.

Sunflower & Ivy Details

The Cost:
$43.00 for one-off gift box (excludes postage)


  • All-Natural Rose & Peppermint Himalayan Salt Bath Soak (200gms)
  • Moonlight Essential Oil Blend (12ml)
  • Dream Jar
  • Miniature bubbles
  • Glass of Courage & Curiosity Glitter
  • Set of 6 Mini Coloured Pencils + Card
  • 100% Natural Ocean Beauty Soap Bar
  • Variety of Postcards (3)
  • Visualisation Card + Sea Shell
  • “I need” Voucher Booklet
  • Reflection Scroll
  • Nurture Prompt card
  • Explorer Guide

Total Retail Value:
$ 45.00 approx.

The Box Bureau Rating:



$43.00 for one-off gift box (excludes postage)

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