A sugar-free lifestyle is easy with the Sugarfree Box

You know a subscription box is going to be good when the delivery box is bursting at the seams. The Autumn Sugarfree Box was brimming with so many incredible products to help maintain a sugar-free lifestyle that I would rate it as one of the best yet!

Sinchies as featured in The Sugarfree Box
The award winning Sinchies are hugely versatile allowing you to store and transport homemade nutritious meals and snacks anywhere you go

From a lifestyle perspective, I loved the inclusion of the Sinchies Reusable Pouch Pack. From simple ziplock-styled pouches in a variety of sizes for sandwiches and snacks to clever little sippy-spout zip-lock packs for yoghurts, purees, soups and even sunscreen. These award winning products are hugely versatile allowing you to store and transport homemade nutritious meals and snacks anywhere you go. Preparation and thinking ahead are essential when living a Sugarfree lifestyle, and Sinchies allows you to always have a sugar-free alternative on hand when the hunger pangs hit.

The Spice Trading Co Gourmet Dip Mixes were a taste revelation with their unique spice blends lifting my dip and sauce game from ordinary to extraordinary. The Wild Beetroot and Onion combo worked well as a sauce added to my hamburger and falafel wraps were taken to the next level with the Magical Mint and Coriander seasoning blend. Being gluten-free and all-natural these spice blends help maintain a clean and lean diet without compromising on refreshing new flavours.

The Activated Coconut Charcoal from the crew at We are True Powders is a wonder product. When added to water, this negatively charged organic powder removes toxins, reduces bloating, aids with hangovers, and can be used to whiten teeth and cleanse skin. Ah-Mazing! And only a small amount of the Activated Charcoal is needed per use making this full-sized product a hugely valuable inclusion in the Autumn Sugarfree Box.

My favourite product in the Autumn Sugarfree Box is the Teff Tribe Pancake Mix. The teeny tiny Teff grain is a game changer for those looking for a gluten-free, nutrient-rich alternative to other grains. It is full of protein and calcium while being low GI and high in fibre and iron. Teff is a powerhouse of easily absorbed goodness wrapped up in a subtle nutty flavour. When converted into pancakes the result is quite spectacular, and the pack from Teff Tribe make it so easy and allergy friendly.

Soul Sista Nosh as featured in the Sugarfree Box
The Soul Sista Cacoa and Peppermint Paleo Snacks are impossible to resist

There are many other products worth raving about in the Autumn Sugarfree Box (Soul Sister Nosh I am talking about your Cacao & Peppermint raw balls here). However, to truly appreciate this seasonal subscription box I suggest signing up and exploring the products for yourself. You will not be disappointed and could become a huge fan of the Sugarfree Box like me!


The Cost:
$110 for one-off purchase (includes postage)
$99 for quarterly subscription (includes postage)


  • Teff Pancake Mix
  • We are True Activated Coconut Charcoal
  • The Prospect Project Lil Grain Vegan Granola
  • Soul Sister Nosh Cacao & Peppermint Raw Balls
  • In2Tea Cleanse Me Tea Collection
  • Elite Nutrition Acai Blend
  • The Spice Trading Co Magical Mint & Coriander Gourmet Dip Mix
  • The Spice Trading Co Wild Beetroot and Onion Gourmet Dip Mix
  • Pinch Black Lava Salt
  • Sneaky Wholefoods Peanut Butter Cacao Super Bomb
  • Natvia Stevia 40-pack
  • Table of Plenty Protein Crunch Bar
  • BSKT Vegan Superfood Bar (Maqui Ripe)
  • Sinchies Reusable Pouch Pack

Total Retail Value:
$120+ approx.

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Get The Seasonal Sugarfree Box Delivered Direct To Your Door

$110 for one-off purchase (includes postage)
$99 for quarterly subscription (includes postage)

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