Step Up Your Sock Game With Sock Panda

Socks are a great way to feel funky even while wearing work clothes! Sock Panda is tailors to all of your sock needs; providing many options for subscribers. Firstly, they offer men’s, women’s, tween’s and kid’s subscriptions, all with different customisations. These include how many socks along with the kinds of patterns. The pack I received was 2 pairs of Men’s socks with one of each kind of pattern.

Geeky but subtle Star Wars socks seem to be the theme this month!

Upon opening the cute package, I instantly knew that this month was going to be great. Tying in with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, these socks are sure to be a hit, whether for yourself or for a gift! While both are subtle (and socks can be worn under long pants, so who’s really going to see anyways? Haha), they are both geeky and chic.

The first pair of socks was undoubtedly the coolest I’ve ever seen. They were simple but still exciting. While the color is still dull, which is great for work, they still show uniqueness and they are trendy. One thing to note though is that the pattern does slightly warp when stretched over your legs.



Dull but fun socks perfect for suits~

The much more eye-catching pair of socks came next. A plain white sock has been embellished with an interesting pattern, if you look closely, they are Storm Troopers! These socks are super clever and really make you do a double take as they are subtle. Overall, this selection of socks was outstanding and even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, they are still cool socks in general.

Not only does Sock Panda create awesome socks, they also do awesome things. For every subscription purchased, they donate a pair of socks to someone in need. Their site states, “As of September 2017 the company has donated nearly 100,000 socks to homeless shelters, low income senior centers, hospitals, and under-privileged classrooms throughout the country.”


Storm Troopers are hidden in a repeating pattern to create this snazzy socks!

December Sock Panda (Men’s) Details

The Cost:
$19 for two pairs a month

$12 for one pair a month


  • 2 pairs of Star Wars themed socks

Total Retail Value:

$30 (approx)

The Box Bureau Rating:

The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 4 out of 5.



$19 per month, for two pairs.

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