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Everyone eats, but not everyone is an epicure. What is an epicure? Well it’s sort of like a gourmand. But what is a gourmand? Let’s say it’s someone who likes food, but, not only that, someone who likes fine food. Someone who makes themselves into a fine food connoisseur, through constant experimentation with fine food of all varieties. But who of us can devote the time required to elevate ourselves to this level, which requires tireless research to uncover the latest trends in fine food products? Do we need to quit our jobs and spend our days developing epicurean/gourmand abilities? No we do not, because, as you may have surmised, there is another option. There is the Foodies Collective Discovery Box, bringing you a box full of gourmet goodies on a bi-monthly basis. Let’s take a look.

Everything was beautifully wrapped.
Everything was beautifully wrapped.

The box I reviewed had the theme of a gourmet picnic. It contained the following: pickles, soda syrup, barbecue sauce, chutney, melange, chocolate coated coffee beans and, bonus facial wipes, and, my favourite of all, Bang.

Let me talk to you about Bang. This came from Elly’s gourmet confectionary out of Hobart. First, let’s hear what they said about it: “mouthwatering sweet salted caramel encasing crunchy air-light popcorn atop soft fluffy marshmallow, moorish peanuts and quality chocolate”. Basically, imagine a chocolate coated nut bar that you might find in a supermarket, but with the quality jacked up 1000% and in square shape so that it’s more like a crunchy, brittle cake to be cut up for sharing than a single serving muesli bar. Unbelievably tasty. One of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. I don’t know if this sort of confectionary item is something I’d take on a picnic but I’m not complaining.

The jars of Foodies Collective.
The jars of Foodies Collective.

If you were craving more traditional picnic items, that’s where the barbeque sauce, chutney and pickles come in. We probably all know how we would use these items, but, if there was any doubt, the handy mini-magazine included contains numerous helpful suggestions as well background information on each product. Reading this, you find that the BBQ sauce comes from a Western Australian vineyard, the chutney comes from a suburban Sydney chef and the pickles, also from suburban Sydney, from a business started in a backyard by two friends.

The packets of Foodies Collective.

Returning to the more exotic items in this box, the mélange was an assortment of dried fruits, very yummy, from Singing Magpie produce, a family run farm in South Australia. It was nice to read the included interview with Sue Heward, the granddaughter of Amos ‘Jack’ Heward, the man who first planted the very first trees in the Singing Magpie orchard back in the the 1920s. All this background information certainly made me feel I had increased my food appreciation credentials.

The Soda Syrup was another item which did not seem immediately congruent with the picnic theme. Apparently, the creator, a Bondi man named Cam Romeril, was intent upon creating a low sugar, natural mixer for use in cocktails. From the label I could see this is quality stuff, GMO free, allergen free, gluten free, even certified organic. I had to try it. I made some cordial with plain water and found it had a very smooth, subtle taste, quite different from the sometimes harsh, chemical-like flavour of supermarket cordial.

Delicious 'bang' with a smattering of chocolate coated coffee beans.
Delicious ‘bang’ with a smattering of chocolate coated coffee beans.

After stretching my culinary experience with everything else, the chocolate coated coffee beans, from the Kali range by Somage Fine Foods, were a refreshing return to conventionality. Also, extremely delicious.

This subscription box achieves what it sets out to do, it gives you high quality food products from local Australian producers on a monthly basis, for your dietary delight, as well as increasing your knowledge of fine food in general.

The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 4 out of 5.



$69.00 every 2 months

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