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I find it super hard to eat healthily with my intense snacking habits and busy schedule, however, The Paleo Warehouse is my saving grace! There are two kinds of boxes you can get through this company; the monthly subscription or a one-off surprise box. I received a surprise box filled with goodies from past boxes. Both boxes contain 5-8 Paleo products, focusing mostly on snacks. Their tagline sums up their box perfectly; “No More Hunting and Gathering!”

The Monday Co’s Cupcake Mix that provides a guilt-free treat!

The first thing that caught my eye when opening the box was the cupcake mix. Obviously, with the absolute size of this, it fit very snuggly in the gigantic box. In the box, there are cupcake wrappers along with a bag of dry ingredients. To make these gut-friendly cupcakes, all that needs to be added is pumpkin, coconut oil, dairy-free milk and eggs! These are perfect for crushing cravings while still keeping healthy.

Two Pete Evans products were also included this month; a moisturiser and two cookies. The moisturiser was a little odd because it was solid, sort of like the texture of a Body Shop body butter. It smells like heaven though!

The two bars included this month; a coconut goji one and a minty matcha one

The cookies were also a nice inclusion as they were perfect for sharing with a friend (or in my case, my mum <3 ) and they tasted great too. I do love that I’ve now found sweet treats that are still healthy through this box.

Another cute pair was the inclusion of two bars. The Minty Matcha was probably my favourite item in the entire box. Both of these bars were great snacks, especially after a gym session. I’m going to go seek out some more flavours of the Naked Paleo range!

Raw superfood bites by Manuko were the perfect snack this month <3

The Coconut Goji was not my favourite, however, I’m sure some people would love this. I just wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour.

Let’s talk about the Manuko Cubes. This box had 6 cubes, and I enjoyed every single bite. I packed two in my gym bag so I could have a quick snack after my workout and they were perfect for bridging the gap between lunch and dinner.

Paleo Warehouse Subscription Box Details

The Cost:

$39.95 for one-off surprise box (includes postage)

$39.95 for monthly subscription (includes postage)

$38 for three month subscription (includes postage)

$37 for four month subscription (includes postage)

$36 for six month subscription (includes postage)




  • The Monday Food Co Lavender and Chocolate Gut-friendly Cupcake Mix (14.95)
  • Pete Evans Chindii Cookies x2 (4.70)
  • Pete Evans Daily Moisturiser Sample (9.00)
  • 2die4 Activated Organic Almonds 40g (3.48)
  • Manuko Choc Hazelnut Vanilla Bean with Maqui Berry (7.90)
  • At One Coconut Goji Raw Paleo Bar (3.32)
  • Naked Paleo Minty Matcha Paleo Bar (4.50)

Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating:

Star Rating 4


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