Review Process

The Box Bureau will review each box at their release date so that you can either sign up to receive that particular box or the next one on offer.  Be warned though! Many of the boxes reviewed will sell out prior to or just after their release date, so it never hurts to get in early for the next one! (The Parcel – Marie Claire, I am looking at you!)

How does The Box Bureau review each box?


All boxes are reviewed based on what each subscription box promised on their website and value for money.  Nothing can squash a happy vibe like the feeling of being cheated.  All items included in each box will be listed with the recommended retail price (where possible).  We have found this to be the fairest measurement tool given today’s online shopping environment.


The Box Bureau will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide accurate information, comments and opinions on the box. Reviews may contain affiliate/referral links. For more information, please read the complete Box Bureau disclaimer.


Feedback via comments provided by many The Box Bureau followers support reviews given.  Your opinion matters and can not only help others make great choices, but you can also help shape future subscription boxes.  Subscription Box companies monitor our website constantly, and they would love to know what makes you dance the ‘Yippee’ dance at the letterbox.

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