The November Society Socks Delivers Your Monthly Dose Of Foot Gloves

Patterned socks have become a big trend over the last few years. Funky socks can be worn under suit pants to spice up your everyday life and they can be worn with plain sneakers to show a bit of snazziness. Fortunately, Society Socks is here to fulfil our pretty sock dreams! Every month, they send out two pairs of stylish socks and they don’t disappoint. Not only that, for every pair of socks they send out, they donate a pair to the Covenant House, an organisation that supports homeless youth.

Subtle but funky red patterned socks!

As always, there were two sock designs this month. The first one I pulled out was the one to the left. They are red with stripes of white and grey triangles. They remind me of a not-so-ugly ugly Christmas sweater. These socks are not too out there but are still way more fun than a boring grey pair.

For the second pair of socks, we received a cute pair of cactus socks. These were certainly my favourite of the two and I’ve already received compliments from when I wore them. The outfit I wore included these socks (obviously haha), some cute black sneakers, a black skater skirt and a khaki t-shirt. I reckon that both of these socks could be used to spice up any outfit, they could make a boring outfit fun or a fun outfit even more fun!


Cute cacti socks to make your life just that bit more fun!

Some might say that 22 dollars is expensive for two pairs of socks, however, I believe this subscription has a huge value. They aren’t just any socks, they are cool and trendy, plus they are great quality too! If you’re like me, you loose socks all the time. But now, it’s so easy to get a replenishable stash of foot snuggies. Not only this, Society Socks donates one pair of socks for every pair they send out.

November Society Socks Details


The Cost:
$22.00 monthly

$65.00 prepaid for three months

$123.00 prepaid for six months

$231 prepaid for twelve months


  • Pair of cacti socks (13.00)
  • Pair of red triangle socks (13.00)

Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 4 out of 5.



$22.00 monthly

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