How To Make Parenting Easier With A Pipsticks Subscription

I am far from the perfect parent, and I don’t always get things right, I am time-poor, covered in mum-guilt and can sometimes be found hiding in the pantry secretly eating chocolate covered biscuits to help me through the bath, book and bed hour. I know I am not alone because I see many a parent like me posting their #parentingfails on social media. So from one mother to another (and dad’s for that matter) get yourself a Pipsticks Subscription and make the job of parenting a little bit easier.

Lipsticks delivers stickers for kids
Pipsticks never disappoints with its themed stickers and activities.

Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription for both kids and adults alike. Each delivery carries a colourful theme and includes stickers in a range of shapes, sizes and formats (think scratch & sniff, puffy stickers and googly-eyed stickers). More than that, the subscription comes in a super cute, smile-inducing envelope with coloured paper, blank postcards and a worksheet. Your child can tear it open and get creative without you having to lift a finger. It’s great. I can continue to get dinner ready, fold the laundry or even relax with a quiet cuppa while my daughter happily sits and plays with the stickers. The stickers are always child-friendly, character-free and perfect for boys and girls alike. There are also printable colouring pages, activities and DIY projects available on the website to entertain your kids further.

The stickers are always child-friendly, character-free and perfect for boys and girls alike

While this is a huge benefit, I love that I can use the Pipsticks subscription too, as a way to communicate with my kids in a fun-mum kind of way. Recently, my son went on school camp, and I used the stickers to create fun little notes to let him know I was thinking of him. My son didn’t say much about them when he returned home, but weeks later I found that he had kept them in amongst his keepsake things on his desk.

Pipstick Kids Club Classic
The stickers are bright, colourful and so much fun

Similarly, I regularly create Pipsticks Postcards using the stickers for my other two kids and leave them on their beds or in their lunchbox to make them laugh, encourage them or simply to remind them that I am not always crabby mum. It is nice to express myself in such a child-like way and see my kid’s appreciation for it. Better still, it takes next to no time to do and is not a huge brain drainer. In fact, I find it quite a therapeutic way to create and communicate. I am convinced that Stickering is fast becoming this season’s new colouring-for-mindfulness.

So if you are looking for something to help entertain the kids and add a bit of positive energy to the house I recommend a Pipsticks Subscription. Not only will it keep your children happy your parenting could benefit if you are prepared to enjoy a bit of sticker time yourself.

Pipsticks Subscription Details

Kids Classic Subscription:    $ 14.95 USD (includes postage)

Country of Origin:


  • 15+ Sheets of stickers
  • 1 Postcard
  • 4 Sheets of Craft Paper

Total Retail Value:
$32.00 approx. (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


For A Fun Monthly Delivery of Themed Stickers

$14.95 USD /mo

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