How To Make Dating At Home Easy With Date Crate

Recently I have come across a slew of new apps, webinars and downloadable cheat-sheets on the art of dating. Each offer tips, tricks and reminders to help people ‘up’ their dating game effortlessly and with great impact. The thing is, many of these new products and services work only for singles happily on the dating merry-go-round. What of those who are in long-term relationships who also want to add spark to their relationship but struggle because they are home-bound with young kids? Thankfully, Date Crate has this group covered. Forget the lists of latest places to eat, drink and visit; Date Crate creates the perfect night in with themed activities, sweet treats and music.

Date Crate creates the perfect night in with themed activities, sweet treats and music.

The Date Crate Parisian Nights Box
Date Crate brings Paris – the city of love, to your home for Date Night

Each Month, the Date Crate subscription box includes up to four designed to create space for a couple to change the day-to-day tempo and spend time with each other in a fresh new way. The team behind the box cleverly select products that allow couples to add their personalities and flair to each activity, giving scope for personal tastes and dating styles. And to set the mood, each Date Crate comes with a curated Spotify playlist to encourage an evening free from TV viewing.

DIY Crepe Mix in the Parisian Nights Date Crate
Start date night off on the right foot with a sweet plate of crepes

I recently received the Parisian Night Box from Date Crate, which centred on French Romance. Included in the box was a DIY Crepe Mix with speciality jam by Not Your Normal Jam (Delish!) as well as a pack of Jumbo Playing cards for a few rounds of Quinze. I do love me a good card game and Quinze easy to learn and play. Also, being a game of chance, it is a good game to play to avoid an over-the-top competitiveness that can kill a dating vibe.

The Date Crate team also included a booklet on French Love Phrases to woo your partner (Pepe Le Pew eat your heart out), and a sketching set complete with props.

Date Crate Encourages fun play
Have some carefree fun with the Parisian Night Date Crate

The idea behind the sketching set is to relax and just have some fun drawing each other. By trying something new and having a laugh the Date Crate people hope you connect with your partner and feel re-rejuvenated.

It is evident that a lot of thought has gone into Date Crate and I think that the curators do a great job of including products that subscribers can adapt to suit their style. If you are a couple who find going out difficult because of young children, then I would recommend signing up to bring an element of surprise and intrigue to your dating game.


The Cost:
$ 45.00 monthly delivery (excludes postage)


  • Crepe Mix
  • Whisk
  • Two Jars of Specialty Jam by Not Your Normal Jam
  • Jumbo Playing Cards
  • French Language Phrase Book
  • Sketch Pad
  • Pack of Sketch Pencils
  • Box of French-themed Props


Total Retail Value:
$ 46 approx (excludes postage costs).

The Box Bureau Rating:



$45 per month (excludes delivery)

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