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Every year around Spring time the same thing happens, I get a hankering for some good farmer’s market action. There is something salubrious about coming out of winter hibernation and going in search for new products, flavours and trends to help mark the start of Spring. The Market Case subscription box makes this a wholesome task easier with its monthly delivery of speciality products from Farmers Markets all over Australia.

Each box contains small-batch products from some of Australia’s most exciting artisan producers and growers ranging from food-items to coffees, teas, organic cosmetics, gifts and homewares. Every delivery is a surprise and reflects the incredible talent found in Australian small businesses.

small-batch products from some of Australia’s most exciting artisan producers and growers

Red Polka Dots for The Market Case
The Market Case contents come beautifully wrapped in a bright polka dot tea towel.

The July Market Case was gorgeous and arrived with the contents beautifully wrapped in a bright polka dot tea towel. First impressions count, and I love the one this subscription box gives.   My favourite product was the Boonderoo Walnut and Date Roulade simply because, it tasted amazing and went so well with my afternoon espresso. Equally enjoyable as an afternoon treat was the Bizzari Dolci Hand Made Biscuits (with tea) and the Petite Provence Gourmet Olives (with wine).

The Market Case Afternoon Snacks
Afternoon tea breaks made better with The Market Case

I enjoyed experimenting with the Amber Drop Honey Ginger Honey  and its subtle ginger infusion. I found myself adding it to stir-fries and salad dressings for a bit of extra kick.

New product flavours with The Market Case
Discover new flavour variants with The Market Case

The Ginger & Lime Chilli Honey from Anthony’s Sauces and Condiments transformed a batch of chicken wings into gloriously sticky goodness. I think it is safe to say that I broke a personal best record with the number of wings I consumed that evening.

The Market Case Lifestyle Products
The Market Case adds lifestyle products into the mix

The Market Case team balance out the product range with a few non-food items that they have found on Farmer’s Market scene. The De’Bees Signature Balms Gift Pack was excellent with the Pucker Up Vanilla Lip Balm, Breathe Easy Chest and Back Rub and Bees Wax Candle. I haven’t stopped using them. And the beeswax food wrap from Yardnajar was gorgeous with its retro floral print and handmade back story. It is the perfect size for everyday use and a practical alternative to plastic.

If you are someone who loves a little wander around a farmers markets but doesn’t always have the time to get to them, then I would highly recommend signing up to The Market Case. The cost is very reasonable, and the product range is expertly curated making for a hugely positive experience.

The Market Case Details

The Cost:
$ 34.95 monthly delivery (includes postage)
$ 99.00 3-month subscription (includes postage)


  • Bizzari Dolci Hand Made Biscuits
  • Petite Provence Gourmet Olives
  • Anthony’s Sauces and Condiments
  • De’Bees Signature Balms
  • Amber Drop Honey Ginger Honey
  • Booneroo Walnut and Date Roulade
  • Yardnajar Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Spotted Tea Towel

Total Retail Value:
$ 45.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Get Artisan Food and Lifestyle Products Delivered To Your Door

$ 34.95 monthly delivery (includes postage)

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