Get Your Craft On With The Innocent Kit

I find that it’s quite hard to start out with a craft; you need all the materials, knowledge and resources. And this can be a lot of effort for a beginner and can really put you off. However, the Innocent Kit is here to save the day! This subscription offers a limited edition embroidery or cross-stitching kit and all supplies needed for your sewing project along with cute stationery and gifts from a featured artist all in a tightly packed box that is small enough to fit in most mailboxes.

Everything you need for a cute cross-stitching project, all in one box!

This cute box is overflowing with goodies but the most exciting would have to be the cross-stitching kit. The hoop is the stand out item in the box and all of the instructions, patterns, fabrics and materials came in a cute paper bag. Everything seems quite easy to learn as they provide a lot of instructions for beginners like me. This month’s pattern is a simple “Good Vibes” with a heart below it.

Aside from the cute sewing project, the box features a different artist every month and includes a variety of their art and products. This month, the wonderful Jaqueline Fryers was featured and some lovely items were curated. By far my favourite item would have to be the notepad, these lined sheets make for great grocery lists, to-do lists and just general notes. They are super useful and the border art is beautiful too!

The cutest notepad ever with art by Jaqueline Fryers~

There were so many other goodies, such as a sticker which now resides on my laptop <3 Another item that I thought was absolutely adorable was the inclusion of two ‘Positive Pencils’. There was a range of different colours and phrases that you could receive, but I got ‘Stay Classy’ and ‘Every Cloud’. My favourite is the ‘Every Cloud’ one, it’s printed in silver so it’s a cute play on ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

The washi tape that was inside was also really adorable, it has a pretty polka dot design. This tape would be great to seal cards or border off a letter! A simplistic but also artsy and adorable pocket sketchbook was also included, it’s a perfect example of what is included in the box.



Other cute goodies this month include positive pencils and postcards!

There was one of three postcards that you could have received in October (which is still for sale at the time of writing this, so go snag up an amazing box <3). I received the ‘Cheers Hombre’ card with a bottle of tequila. Fryers‘ art style, for some reason, just brings me so much joy whenever I see it and I’ll probably keep this cutie for myself and hang it on my dresser.

And finally, the main event of the box; the cross stitching kit. Although I made a few mistakes, I think it turned out pretty good. It took me about 5 hours to complete it (I am a complete newbie and had a few troubles along the way). It was super relaxing to do and I even know the perfect place to hang it! The box included instructions on how to do the stitches, how to set up and start along with how to finish the piece off. I haven’t finished the back of in the image, but I sort of like it all hanging out.

I love how the final piece turned out!

October Innocent Kit Details

The Cost:
$34.81 monthly, excluding shipping


  • Exclusive ‘GOOD VIBES’ cross stitch kit ($16.38)
  • 1 of 3 A6 Postcards ($3.62)
  • Large Sticker (Unsure, approx $2.50)
  • x2 Positive Pencils ($3.62+$3.62)
  • Pocket Sketchbook ($6.33)
  • 50 Page Slim Notepad ($5.42)
  • Polka Dot Washi Tape (Approx $2.35)

Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating:



$ 34.95 Bi-monthly Subscription (includes postage)

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