Get The Best Stationery With The Paper Vibes Box

Do you like cute stationary? Then this is the box for you! Paper Vibes debuted in October and they have set the bar very high. Their first box, the Natural Refresher box, was jam-packed with notebooks, pens, tape, stickers, paper and so much more. There are two options that they offer; the regular box which includes 2-3 notebooks, 1-3 writing utensils and 4-9 other stationery items and the petite box which includes around half of the items, but the value is still well over the price you pay!

Paper Vibes is jam-packed with awesome goodies!

There were so many items in this box, it was a tiny bit overwhelming! The first thing that caught my eye was a small scroll. It contained a very long list of the items that were included plus the value of each item. The next item I pulled out was a beautiful journal with a forest deer on the cover. The journal is great quality and is breathtaking from every angle, from the magnetic clasp to the rim of flowers on the pages.

Something that I instantly fell in love with was the set of handmade envelopes. There were three included in the set and went perfectly with the recycled paper and the writing utensils. Since the envelope has a sheer quality to them, once the paper is inside, it will give the letter an organic beauty that will for sure excite the receiver.  I know that I will be writing some letters to a few close friends with these wonderful items!

Paper Vibes is guaranteed to impress you with beautiful stationery!

As seen on the side, there were 2 writing tools included; a pen and a pacer. Both are very sleek and expensive looking and they perform just as good as they look. Both are 0.5mms and the pacer has 2 leads in it already. The pacer is a perfect weight, not too heavy and not too light, but has an effortless feel to it. On the other hand, the pen is quite weighted and it gives very crisp lines but does smear a tiny bit.

Next, I pulled out an open binder clip. It is listed as an orange binder clip, however, in person it is a pretty copper colour. The oversized bulldog clip is stylish and very useful. I’ve used it to keep all of my university handouts together instead of just floating around my bag.



Adorable forest themed washi stickers in 8 designs!

This month, there were two sets of stickers; a set of 70 small washi stickers and 9 pattern stickers. Both of these are perfect to seal an envelope with and since Christmas is coming up, I will be making use of the adorable forest animals. The large circle stickers have nine different Japanese designs on them and they are all beautiful. As a cute touch, even the box used one to wrap the contents! The washi stickers are a little hard to peel off, but just be patient and maybe have some long-ish nails.

Last but certainly not least, 3 washi tapes were in the Natural Refresher box. There were 2 regular thickness tapes and 1 thin tape. The larger tapes had really adorable designs; a nice floral one and some cute watermelons on the other. The thin tape, fittingly, had vines on it. All of these tapes, especially the thin one, would be great to border off an envelope or add some pretty details to a planner or journal!

Summery sweet washi tapes to spice up your stationery!

Paper Vibes Box Details

The Cost:

$42.95 for the regular Paper Vibes box (excludes postage)

$32.95 for the petite Paper Vibes box (excludes postage)


  • Dream and Dear A5 Journal (17.00)
  • Rosa Robus Retro A5 Notebook (6.25)
  • Note For: Flower Notebook (11.65)
  • Orange Binder Clip (2.70)
  • x2 Washi Tape (3.70 + 3.70)
  • Thin Vine Washi Tape (2.00)
  • Kamio Washi Stickers (3.25)
  • Recycled Paper with Plants (5.00)
  • Handmade Envelopes (5.00)
  • Japanese Pattern Sticker Sheet (2.25)
  • Deli Black Ink Pen (4.70)
  • Deli Mechanical Pen (5.50)

Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating:


Premium selection of monthly themed stationery

$42.95 for the regular Paper Vibes box (excludes postage)

$32.95 for the petite Paper Vibes box (excludes postage)

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