Feel Good With The Good Green Box

Lately, I have found that a lot of my beauty products are flat-lining. My skin is slowly breaking out and my hair is becoming more and more flat. However, this box is here to change that! The Good Green Box is a monthly subscription that offers 6 to 10 natural beauty products. There is a mix of sample and full size skincare, hair, makeup and body products, so there’s a lot of variety in this subscription.

Relaxing with some fruity tea, hydrating face cream and a luxurious shampoo

This month’s box turned up on my doorstep bulging, so I knew I was in for a treat. As always, inside there was a card showing all the items and their usages and a second card with some discount codes. There were 6 items this month, also 2 tea bags were included as an extra for some organic ‘me time’. The item that was causing the bulge was a full sized Shadow Hair Treatment, which I found very interesting. I have used hair masks and treatments in my time but never in a powder form, and it was truly an interesting experience!




Two beautiful teas; Detox and Elderberry & Echinacea

Although this hair shadow was the biggest product, it did not steal the show for me. This month was packed with some incredible products including Soul Organics Co’s Relax Body Oil and Natura Siberica Copenhagen’s Face Cream. I had a hard time picking a favourite product this month because both of these products were incredible. However, the face cream had to take the cake for me (I will be purchasing a full size!).





A decently sized sample of Moo Goo’s Shea Sorbet Butter Balm, perfect for cracked lips!

The body oil was really great to just rub softly into my neck and sit down with a cup of tea. The two tea bags that were included as a little extra really made this box worthwhile for the whole organic experience. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the tea because I don’t really drink herbal teas, but the Elderberry one was my favourite! The weirdest item in this box was the Oil Pulling Snapet. If you have no idea what this is, you were in the same boat as me. This little packet of oil is used to ‘pull’ nasties from your mouth before you eat or brush your teeth. It was certainly an experience, however, I am unsure if I would ever try this type of cleansing again.

The Good Green Box Details

The Cost:
$ 25.00 monthly delivery (includes postage)
$ 70.00 3-month subscription (includes postage)
$ 130.00 6-month subscription (includes postage)


  • Full-Size Desert Shadow Amla Shadow Hair Treatment ($21.00)
  • Sample Soul Organics Co Relax Body Oil ($4.49)
  • Sample Natura Siberica Copenhagen Intense Hydration Day Face Cream (6ml) ($4.80)
  • Sample Natura Siberica Copenhagen Vitamin Shampoo Frozen Berries (6ml) ($0.25)
  • Sample MooGoo Shea Sorbet Butter Balm ($1.20)
  • One Use GuruNanda Oil Pulling Snapet ($1.67)
  • 2 x Tea Bags (A cute extra! :D)


Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating:


Natural & organic beauty box delivered direct to you

$ 25.00 Monthly subscription (includes postage)

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