Expand your artistic skills with the insanely good Red’s Art Cart

I have never thought of myself as the creative type. I love music, photography and trawling around craft markets but I have always been an artistic spectator rather than a producer. That has all changed with the Red’s Art Cart Subscription Box. This monthly delivery is an art-class-in-a box that quickly draws out the artistic skills and grows creative confidence

The Red’s Art Cart is Australia’s first dedicated art subscription box created by Mrs Red Art Room, an online art class and store for art dabblers. Each month Mrs Red selects a theme and curates high-quality art supplies to post out in the Art Cart Box. She then uploads detailed YouTube tutorials hosted by herself to provide 30 mins of instruction and inspiration.

Her no fuss, easy-to-follow YouTube videos soon had me lost in a world of vibrant water colours.

Red's Art Cart delivers an art class to your home
Mrs Red knows how to teach and encourage playfulness

The Red’s Art Cart I received had a water colour theme to it and included two types of water paint products and techniques. I have to admit; it took me a while to get around to using the box because of my lack of confidence, but I needn’t have worried. Mrs Red knows how to teach art skills and encourage playfulness. Her no fuss, easy-to-follow YouTube videos soon had me lost in a world of vibrant water colours, exploring techniques and producing work of which I was proud. I loved ending my week this way and dabbling with my Red’s Art Cart has now become a bit of a Friday afternoon habit. Soothing the mind and grounding the soul.

Kids love getting artistic with Red’s Art Cart

Red’s Art Cart has everything you need to complete the tutorial with enough product supplied to encourage more than one art session. There is enough to go back to time and time again to hone ‘dem skills and grow. I recommend a subscription to Red’s Art Cart to anyone looking for an artistic outlet or mindful activity to do at home. The quality of the contents and YouTube tutorials are terrific without being overwhelming. It is addictive fun and you will be so glad you signed up.

Red’s Art Cart Details:

The Cost:
$ 38.00 monthly delivery (excludes postage)


  • Cotman Water Colours
  • Winsor & Newton Profession Water Colour Stick
  • Winslow Water Colour Postcards
  • Stabilo Sensor
  • Jasart Round White Taklon 6


Total Retail Value:
$ 42.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


Get Monthly Art Classes Delivered To Your Door

$ 38.00 monthly delivery (excludes postage)

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