Announcing the Exciting Arrival of POMPOM Box for Teenage Girls

Let me say straight-up, that I wish the PomPom Box was around when I was a teenager. I feel like this new subscription box aimed exclusively at teenage girls is like a real-life version of Dolly Magazine but without the pages and pages of advertising and photoshopped models. Featuring the latest beauty, fashion and teen-related products (think cute stationery and sweet treats) the PomPom Box delivers the goods when it comes to all things teenage girls are crazy for.

PomPom Box Launches for teenage Girls
Whats not to love about the PomPom Box created exclusively for teenage girls

To be on the safe side, I asked one of my most favourite 13.5 year-olds (Mia) to help me review the June edit. As anticipated, she loved it! Mia unpacked, packed and unpacked the PomPom Box again, overwhelmed at receiving such an impressive range products. From the fluffy pom-pom key ring that “all the girls at school have” to the cute necklace and bright cosmetics case, Mia happily talked me through her favourite items. I got the feeling that if Mia could have chosen the products to include in the box, the mix would have been pretty much the same.

PomPom Box knows on-trend looks
Love this necklace delivered in the PomPom Box

From a parent’s perspective, Mia’s mum was also impressed and thought the products were age-appropriate and on-trend for teenage girls. She would have no hesitation in ordering the PomPom Box as birthday gifts for Mia’s friends or even as a special gift for Mia herself.

Experience Luna Cosmetics in the PomPom Box
Jess Hart’s Luna Cosmetics line was featured in the June PomPom Box

There is nothing included in this subscription box that is too grown up for teenage girls (or too young for that matter). The creator of the PomPom Box has pitched it perfectly. I was pleased to see that the inclusion of makeup was via a neutral illuminator from Luma Cosmetics and not some over the top product that is a danger in the hands of someone new to makeup application. Similarly, the necklace was delicate and perfect for everyday wear. The cosmetic case has huge appeal for its loud colours and design, and I can’t think of any 13+ year who couldn’t put a bag like that to good use. The pack of Skittles is a touch of genius and give the PomPom box a healthy dose of street cred.

The creator of the PomPom Box has pitched it perfectly

I am such a huge supporter of the PomPom Box. I think the makers have developed a well-thought out product that encourages self-confidence, inclusiveness and uncomplicated joy. The PomPom Box is packed with value and comes in a variety of subscription options. There is even a Tween PomPom Box for those not quite old enough to be a member of the teenage club (i.e. perfect for little sisters).

Pom Pom Box Details

The Cost:
$35.00 for bi-monthly subscription (includes postage)
$95.00 for 6-month subscription (includes postage)


  • Cosmetic Case Luma Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter
  • Compass Necklace
  • PomPom Keychain
  • Skittles

Total Retail Value:
$ 69+ approx (excluding postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Get The Latest Beauty, Fashion and Teen-related Products Delivered To Your Door

$35.00 for bi-monthly subscription (includes postage)

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