Be Inspired with the insanely good Spring Retreat Yourself Box

This past winter got me real good. I embraced the indoors (read: couch and Netflix) and almost completely forgot that life outside existed. That is until the Spring Retreat Yourself Box arrived on my doorstep packed full of products designed to get me outdoors and enjoying the ‘feel-good’ benefits of Spring. Everything about this edition of the Retreat Yourself Box inspires better choices and encourages movement. Perfect for this little bear coming out of her winter hibernation.

Renew with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box
Get outdoors this Spring with the Retreat Yourself Box

For starters, the Spring Retreat Yourself Box came with what I describe as a ready-made ‘out-and-about’ pack. I loaded the Yuki Threads Cotton Bag with the Daily Bar Snack Bars, Health Food Project Protein Balls, Utonic Calm drink, and RY Wellness Magazine and headed out to the local park for an hour or two of motivating reading in the sun.

Refresh yourself with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box
Drinks a-plenty with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

The Yuki Threads bag not only looks great and feels good to wear, but it is also made from Organic Fairtrade Cotton ensuring that marginalized cotton farmers are respected and empowered. I love buying and using products that bring about positive change, and after reading the Fairtrade feature in the RY Wellness magazine, I use my Yuki Threads bag any chance I get.

The Utonic Calm beverage had an unusual flavor and was not a drink I could guzzle down. Instead, it was a slow and steady drink which helped slow my pace and relax. Utonic Calm contains a combination of sour cherry, green tea, chamomile, and passionflower making it a potent blend for aiding calm and reducing anxiety. It went perfectly well with the Health Food Project Protein Balls and The Daily Bar Snack Bars. Both products pack an awful lot of goodness into delicious and convenient on-the-go nibbles.

Snack better with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box
Discover new treats with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

The Sacred Flower Rose Flower Essence Mix was a late addition to my out-and-about pack, but I am so glad I threw it in. I am a sucker for a mist spray and use them regularly to refresh, re-group and rehydrate. After an hour or so of soaking up the sun, a couple of quick spritzes of the Rose Mist and I was ready to pack my bag up and head home feeling radiant and inspired.

Retreat Yourself Spring Rose Mist
Refresh with the rose mist spray included in the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

The Spring Retreat Yourself Box also encouraged a bit of garden work the Sow Grow Herb In A Bag kit. Getting your hands dirty and watching something grow is always good for the soul and great for shaking off negativity. I started my gardening day off with the super easy Herb In A bag (Sage; my fave) and got so taken with the sense of new beginnings that I took myself off to Bunnings and loaded up with a range of herbs, vegetables, and flowers to plant. I was dirty, exhausted and so very satisfied. Spring had arrived and brought with it renewed energy and a new perspective. And at the end of it all, I sat in the backyard sipping on the incredibly smooth and inviting Mojo Body Beautiful Tea thinking the Retreat Yourself Box had done it again. Delivering a well-thought-out mix of products to herald in the new season and ‘relax, refresh and renew.’

I can’t recommend this box highly enough for anyone wanting inspiration with each new season and encouragement to slow down and be the best you can be through regular self-care. Sign up quickly though because the Retreat Yourself Boxes sell out within hours of going on sale and 3-months is a long to wait for next box!

Bloom and Grow with the Retreat Yourself Box
Enjoy growing your own herbs with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

Spring Retreat Yourself Box Details

The Cost:
$ 59.90 quarterly delivery (includes postage)


  • Koja Breakfast Toppers
  • The Daily Bar Salted Caramel with Cashews
  • The Daily Bar Mulberries & Mesquite
  • Yuki Threads X RY Fairtrade Organic Cotton Bag
  • Health Food Project Cookie Dough Protein Balls
  • Nakeba Vegan Soap
  • Photography Byron Bay Square Matte Print
  • Health Naturally Sukha Herbs Rejuvenate Tonic
  • The Purist Collection Happy Balm
  • Utonic Calm Beverage
  • Sow Grow Eat Herb in a Bag
  • Sacred Flower Rose Flower Essence Mist
  • Mojo Tea Body Beautiful Tea & E: Book
  • RY Wellness Magazine

Total Retail Value:
$ 120.00 approx (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:



$ 59.90 quarterly delivery (includes postage)

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