Embrace The Organic Way Of Life With The Secrets Organic Box

The best way I can think to describe the Secrets Organic Box is to say it is a tasting plate of some of the best Organic & GMO-Free products available in Australia. Covering the beauty, home and food categories, the Secrets Organic Box is an entry level subscription box into the world of all things organic. Better still, it is an inexpensive way to try out new natural products before committing to their full-sized version.

a tasting plate of some of the best Organic & GMO-Free products available in Australia

The Secrets Organic Box Unpacked
Each month the Secrets Organic Box includes Beauty, Home and Food Products

By far my favourite product was the Alitura Clay Mask which says a lot because it has the worst smell of any face mask I have ever tried (and there have been many). The clay powder is mixed with apple cider vinegar to produce a light, fluffy mask that exfoliates the skin while stimulating blood flow and minimising pores. The demonstration video for this product suggests adding the Alitura Activating Oil Blend, and I am sure this is to disguise the strong odour. I did not have this oil blend on hand, and so I used coconut oil instead. For some reason, I didn’t hold out much hope for this product because the online reviews seemed too good to be true, but I have to say the results were incredible. My skin looked completely rejuvenated and dare I say, youthful? I can see myself getting very addicted to this smelly Alitura Clay Mask.

Secret Organics Introduces Alitura
This Alitura Clay Mask produces incredible results, despite it’s strong smell

The Coconut Body Balm samples from the Coconut Tree were the perfect size for the overnight bag or handbag. The products feel amazing and do an excellent job at hydrating the skin. The oily sheen and the coconut scent take a bit of getting used to, but it is worth it for the smoothing results.

Secret Organics Introduces the Coconut Tree Brand
The Coconut Tree Coconut Body Balm is terrific at nourishing and hydrating dry skin

The other products worth noting are the tea samples from Tea Tonic and the Thomas Chipman Ancient Grain Corn Chips. The Organic Dark Chocolate & Black Tea packs a punch and makes for a great afternoon tea break. Full of anti-oxidants this tea is caffeine-rich and is just the pick-me-up needed for those final few hours at work. The Gluten-Free Ancient Grain Corn Chips are a powerhouse of goodness made from Rice, Chia, Quinoa and Flaxseed. They are the first certified organic, 100% gluten free corn chip made in Australia and have a distinctive earthy flavour to them.

If you are considering a more natural lifestyle but don’t know where to start, I suggest signing up to the Secrets Organic Box. Each month you will be introduced to a range of products that will help you live a more organic lifestyle.


The Cost:
$21.00 (AUS) for monthly subscription (includes postage)


  • Alitura Naturals The Clay Mask
  • Coconut Tree Coconut Body Balm
  • Coconut Tree Coconut Body Balm
  • Whole Kids Organic Rice Crackers
  • Jo Organic Personal Lubricant
  • Tea Tonic Dark Chocolate & Black Tea x2
  • Thomas Chipman Ancient Grain Corn Chips

Total Retail Value:
$45 approx.

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Sample Some Of The Best Organic Products Available In Australia

$21.00 (AUS) for monthly subscription (includes postage)

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