Embrace The Moon Cycles With Gaia Collective’s MoonBox

I’m not a particularly spiritual person, however, I do find crystal healing quite interesting. The Gaia Collective offers several MoonBoxes that ship out a week before the full moon. There are two kinds of MoonBoxes, the mini and the regular. Along with this, both boxes can be upgraded to have a wearable gem. I received the regular box with a wearable gem. Each regular box comes with three crystals, an essential oil blend, an exclusive tea blended along with several featured items. Each box also comes with a full moon ritual guide and a moon oracle card.

Beautiful presentation really makes this box!

First off, the presentation of this box is incredible. It comes in a luxurious slide-out box. As soon as you open it, you’re greeted with a pretty envelope filled with a few handouts; including the moon oracle card (this month is the Cold Moon!), a moon ritual guide that details how to use the items in the box and last but not least, a card detailing the crystals.

The first thing I noticed in the box was a very long box filled with incense sticks. I don’t often pick up incense, however, these are in fact luxury. The scent is ‘Gaura Leela’ and it smells like Amber and Saffron!

Another beautifully scented item this month was the Essential Oil Elixir. Although the package doesn’t show the ingredients, the moon ritual guide says that it is Moroccan and Virginian cedarwood and pink grapefruit along with a few other ingredients make this oil an incredible scent. I love to roll this behind my ears, plus I’ve gotten so many compliments on how great it smells!

The beautiful soy candle from Lilac & Willow

Probably my favourite item this month would have to be the Cold Moon Tea. With peppermint, chicory, jasmine and other healing ingredients, it is refreshing and perfect for Summer. I found that there was enough for four generous cups of tea, and both my mother and I have enjoyed this wonderful flavour. I have used the rest to make a jug of iced tea for when a few friends come over, and I know they will love it!

A Lilac and Willow soy candle was also included this month. It, as all the items have, smelt heavenly. The candle is perfect to set the mood and really relax, also I would say that it is perfect for a full moon ritual!



The three crystals for this month are accompanied by a helpful card detailing what they are and do!

The real stars of the show would have to be the monthly crystals. This month the three crystals were Angelite, Aqua Calcite and Rhodolite Garnets in Schist. They are each around 3cm/1 inch in diameter, with the Angelite being a little bit bigger than the rest. There is a card that details what each crystal means, but as a brief summary; the Angelite provides spiritual guidance and hope, the Aqua Calcite helps to calm anxiety and the Rhodite aids in embracing self-worth.

Gaia Collective MoonBox Details

The Cost:

$US12.50, without a wearable gem (shipping extra)

$US29.50 monthly, with a wearable gem (shipping extra)


  • Angelite (Approx 5.00)
  • Aqua Calcite (Approx 5.00)
  • Rhodolite Garnets in Schist (Approx 5.00)
  • Krystle Knight Clear Quartz Black Bracelet (29.00)
  • Fruits to the Roots Cold Moon Tea (7.88)
  • Roll-On Full Moon Essential Oil Elixir (Specially made for the box, approx 20.00)
  • 10 x Sacred Elephant Gaura Leela Incense Sticks (6.20)
  • Lilac & Willow Smudge Candle (6.57)
  • Gemstone Organic Honey Rose Cleanser (6.57)

Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 5 out of 5.



US$29.50 per month plus shipping, or US$12.50 for mini version.

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