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As we transition into the warmer months, our bodies adapt and change with the weather. Thus, our beauty regime should change too. Sometimes it can be hard for us (I know it is for me haha <3) to find what fits our skin and I’m sure we’ve all gone through the feeling of buying something without trying it, and it just not working. However, the Good Green Box is here to completely change this! This monthly subscription provides a variety of products, ranging from scrubs to deodorant; all delivered to your doorstep.

The two scrubs were received this month; a refreshing coffee scrub and a gritty green tea scrub!

The Good Green Box arrives with 6 – 10 beauty products that fall under at least one of the following: natural, organic, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. There is usually a full-sized product or two and the rest are travel or sample sized. This month there were 5 items plus a lucky dip item! There were 5 possible items to get; a body scrub from Reborn Skincare, Raw Body Skincare or Wild Harvest Care, an exfoliating mask from Zuanna or a soap from Biology Skin. I received the Wild Harvest Care Green Tea Scrub <3

Usually, I would start off a review with my favourite item of the box however, I think it is appropriate to start with what I was most disappointed in this month. This month there were two scrubs and although being different, I feel like they let down the box. As there were only 6 items this month, it would have been nice to get more of a variety of products. Nevertheless, the Moo Goo Coffee Scrub was unlike your regular coffee scrubs! It is very fine and perfect for use on the face. The Wild Harvest Care scrub on the other hand, while looking like chewed up kale, was quite rough and perfect for an intense exfoliation for those Summer tans.

Essential Oils with Carly (EOWC) Pink Clay Facial Soap that doubles as a mini mask~

The savour of this month’s box would have to be the Pink Clay Facial Soap. Not only can this soap be used as a daily cleanser, it is also advised to be used as a mini mask! This soap is wonderful and it leaves skin feeling fresh, supple and glowing.

Another great item was the Bondi Wash Night Balm. It was definitely something new for me; it was quite thick and clumpy, almost like it had sugar in it. When applying, it soaked right into the skin and although looked very oily, in the morning my skin glowed! It was such a nice balm and really improved my skin. This paired with the Pink Clay soap was a dream.

This month contained a Natural Deodorant Paste that smells great~

Next up was the deodorant paste. This really excited me until I took a closer look, it was in a full sized container however it was only half the amount of product. I know that there is usually only 1 full size product, however the primer wasn’t all that flash and I got excited at the full size packaging. Other than that, the product works really well and smells amazing! It smells like lavender with a hint of orange, albeit it being a little strong, it does a great job at keeping the stink away. Just in time for Summer too <3


The Good Green Box Details

The Cost:
$ 25.00 monthly delivery (includes postage)
$ 70.00 3-month subscription (includes postage)
$ 130.00 6-month subscription (includes postage)


  • Evio Beauty Group Green Tea Primer (full size!) (29.99)
  • Essential Oils with Carly Pink Clay Facial Soap (unsure whether full size or not, it is rather small) (8.00)
  • Bondi Wash Purifying Night Balm (sample) (3.00)
  • Puri Cosmetics Don’t Sweat It Deodorant (half of a full size) (10.00)
  • MooGoo Coffee Scrub (travel sized) (No weight, assuming 10g – 0.71)
  • One of five lucky dip items (I received a Wild Harvest Care Green Tea Body Scrub!) (No weight, assuming 10g – 1.28)

Total Retail Value:

The Box Bureau Rating:


Natural & organic beauty box delivered direct to you

$ 25.00 Monthly subscription (includes postage)

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