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Stickers are fun. Whenever I peel off a sticker, I feel I am having fun. I don’t know if this is because stickers are colourful, decorative, novel, funny or if I just like the sensation of lifting a new sticker off from its sheet and pressing it down onto a flat surface.

Stickles is a new subscription box that provides you with a monthly envelope stuffed with a variety of fun sticker sheets, including handy personalised name stickers for labelling children’s belongings, and one or two other fun activities. Read on for more details!

Stickles - sticker box
A plethora of stickers!

There were no less than seven sheets of stickers!”

I am going to group the contents into three categories, the first category will be the largest one,  the stickers themselves. There were no less than seven sheets of stickers, featuring a wide array of not only subjects but sizes and shapes. In my pack I had a sheet of spooky horror themed ghouls and monsters, appropriately timed for halloween, a sheet of cartoon animals, photographed wildlife animals, smiley faces (you can never get enough of these), a sheet of personalised name stickers and a sheet of fancy puffy raised fruit stickers.

Two origami dogs, as included with Stickles.
Origami dogs! Woof Woof!

As I said, that was only the first category, we will now look at the second category: activities. This included two origami dog heads and three pieces of coloured craft paper suitable for recreating the origami. This was great because it broadened the appeal of the package, offering something that could be done as a family activity. There were no instructions for the origami though. The added mental challenge of having to reverse engineer the instructions based on the folded examples either increases the fun or annoys you depending on your point of view.

Two head silhouettes with facial features as stickers.
Making faces with stickers — fun.

This month also included a second activity. There were two silhouettes of heads, a male and a female, and a bunch of extra stickers of eyes noses and mouths, to affix to the sheets and create — people? See the photo for what we came up with (we didn’t add noses because the included noses were all animal noses —  weird!). I actually really like this activity because it lends itself to a follow-up drawing activity wherein the remaining facial features, eyebrows, hair, ears, etc. can be added. Anything that promotes creativity is great in my view.

One last thing to mention, the third category. This is the postcard category and includes one item, a postcard. Perhaps unremarkable, but the interesting thing is that the postcard was personalised, such a nice touch; it carried my daughter’s name just as the personalised stickers did. It was also blank on the picture side, meaning that it was perfectly ready to be covered in… stickers! Do people still send postcards? I don’t know but if they do, then getting a fresh one every month has got to be handy.

The postcard was personalised, such a nice touch”

Overall what I liked about Stickles is variety and even practicality. Variety is a definite requirement when it comes to stickers and here it was done very well. Having someone painstaking select a wide assortment  of stickers every month means the recipient enjoys the pleasure of novelty without having to pour over boring sticker sheets in a newsagency; in fact, you don’t even need to enter a newsagent! The sheets are small enough that you won’t get bored before you use them up. Practicality arises not only because of the named stickers, which are indispensable if you have small children, but the activities are a great touch that give you something fun to do with your kids. All in all I really liked this package.

Stickles Details

The Cost:
$ 20 for two months (ie. $10 per month)
$ 30 for three months (ie. $10 per month)
$ 50 for six months (ie $8.33 per month)

All options include free delivery within Australia

7 sheets of stickers
3 sheets of craft paper
Plus a handpicked surprise, different each month.

Total Retail Value (estimated per month):
$ 18.00 approx (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


Carefully selected set of child-friendly stickers delivered every month

$ 30.00 Three month subscription (includes postage)

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  1. Melissa October 19, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Thanks for reviewing our sticker box Alex! We love getting feedback as we’re just starting up. Hope Matilda had fun with it!

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