December Club Candle Review

I love candles. They are great decorations, they make things smell beautiful and they are the perfect gift. The problem is, there is so many to choose from. However, Club Candle is here to make things easy! They offer three different options for their subscription; Earthy and Fresh, Sweet and Fruity or a surprise of either. The subscription includes a candle that fits within the option along with a box of matches.

This month’s candle is perfect for the holiday season!

Club Candle sent me a mystery scent, however, I expected it to be a festive scent. And I was not disappointed! This month’s candle was the Snow Angel scent. It definitely was the Earthy and Fresh candle rather than the Sweet and Fruity. Although Club Candle didn’t show anywhere what the exact scent is, I can tell that it is quite spicy and fresh. This candle is perfect for the holidays with a soft, gingerbread-esque scent, it is perfect to set the mood.

The candle is quite large, it features two wicks and is in a sleek glass jar. If you decide that the candle isn’t really your style, it would make the perfect gift for a friend or family member (unused, of course!). Overall, this subscription is scent-sational!



A wonderful candle for a wonderful time of year!

Club Candle is an Australian based subscription service, so not only are you supporting a local business, you are also supporting a new, upcoming business! Club Candle has only been live for a few months, however, I know that they will blossom into an amazing service as evident by this month’s beautiful contents.


Looking for a gift for a loved one? This subscription is the perfect choice! Whether they are a candle junkie or they simply have everything, Club Candle provides a luxurious experience that anyone would love.

December Club Candle Details

The Cost:
$44.00 for recurring monthly

$49.95 for a one-off (on sale for 45.95!)


  • Exclusive ‘Snow Angel’ Candle
  • Pack of matches

Total Retail Value:

Around $45

The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 4 out of 5.



$44.00 for recurring monthly (including postage)

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