CreativKits gives you amazing activities to share with your child

Finding engaging activities to share with your children can be difficult, especially once the obligatory ipad enters the scene. Parents are time poor, and competing with a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry for your kid’s attention is at times a seemingly unwinnable struggle. If only there was someone out there to help us out with a subscription box filled with carefully curated children’s activities. Enter: CreativKits.

a broad range of genuinely interesting activities”

Opening CreativKits box.
The instruction booklet was neatly placed in the lid of the box.

The first thing I notice about CreativKits is there is an exceptional attention to detail. This is apparent before you even open the box, because looking at you from the top of the lid is Instein, an original, scientist-like character who is one of many aspects to this subscription box that is designed to draw your child in. Looking at the back of the box I see that Instein is not just a scientist, because he has been illustrated in 20 different different personas, each with names like, Artsy, Mathemagician, Maker, Boffin. (What is a ‘boffin’ anyway? Is it something like a maven?). The concept is carried through the whole product, because every activity in the box links into one of Instein’s 20 personas. It is clear that the intention was not to appeal to children superficially, but to provide a broad range of genuinely interesting activities to appeal to a child’s intellectual curiosity.

every page contains something new and interesting”

CreativKits instruction booklet.
The booklet blew me away.

The attention to detail continues marvelously with the colourful instruction book. Every activity is presented with a set of clear and fun instructions. Understandable not only by children but also tired and befuddled parents. There are colourful illustrations and even links to YouTube video demonstrations. The great thing is that the instruction book is filled with a abundance of additional material, smaller activities, quotes, brain teasers, crossword puzzles, little pieces of information designed to pique your child’s interest. It seems care was taken to ensure every page contains something new and interesting.


CreativKits contents.
Easily a month’s worth of activities.

Let’s move onto the contents of the box. The September edition contained four activities: make a tie-dye t-shirt, make your own soap, grow your own crystals and make your own bouncy balls. There is easily a month’s worth of activities here. I loved again the attention to detail, this time  in terms of the equipment that is provided for each activity. For example, the tie-dye set included gloves to protect your hands from dye, the rubber bands, the t-shirt itself and five separate bottles of dye. I was so happy that everything needed was provided; not having to research an activity and organise the equipment myself felt so liberating.

the perfect sort of things for parent and child to work on together”

CreativKits tie-dye dyes.
So many colours.

The activities themselves are well thought out, can be completed in a short enough time that attention spans won’t be exhausted, and are the perfect sort of things for parent and child to work on together. I had a great time with my daughter working on the activities with her. The activities actually promote interaction and cooperation because of their experimental, hands-on nature. For example, the make your own soap activity involves adding household soap to the mixture and we therefore had to choose between liquid hand soap or scrapings from a bar of soap, prompting a discussion about what the expected outcome would be from each option. 

CreativKits tie-dye.
Having fun with the tie-dye kit.

It all promotes interesting conversation between you and your child as you make decisions about what to do and how to do it. In short, if you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, this is an option you can’t go past. I will be looking forward to seeing what future boxes contain.

CreativKits Details

The Cost:
$ 22.45 one activity per month
$ 31.45 two activities per month
$ 44.95 four activities per month

All options include free delivery within Australia

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Monthly kids' activities

1-4 childrens’ activities per month.

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