Busy Life? School Snacks Delivered To Your Doorstep Every Month!

Preparing school lunches week in, week out, isn’t easy. It can be stressful to get quick, tasty and healthy snacks that are also enjoyable and budget-friendly. Luckily, School Snack Box is the latest subscription that caters exactly to this! They offer two options; 22 snacks or 44 snacks a month for 55 dollars and 95 dollars respectively.

Koala Popcorn is perfect for your salty cravings!

I received the 22 snack box and I was not disappointed. With 10 kinds of snacks and a 50% snack rotation every month, this subscription is perfect for a busy family. Obviously, these snacks aren’t going to be the main event of lunch, however, they do complete it. My favourite snack for this month was the Salted Koala Popcorn and luckily, there’s 4 packets included in the box! The other snack that had 4 packets were the Smokehouse BBQ Snaps. These were super tasty and you’d never know that they were a healthier alternative to chips.

This box has such a great variety! The next ‘category’ I noticed were fruity snacks. Some of these included the Chocolate Coconut Chips and the Everyday Dried Fruit. These are really good morning snacks to power you through to lunch without being tempted by junk foods.


A perfect mix of sweet, savory and fruity snacks!

In my opinion, the best kind of school snack is in the form of a bar. And the School Snack Box delivers! The Caramel Coconut Dream bar was in fact a dream, it was the perfect amount of sweet and coconut goodness. It was super satisfying and a great snack, so I’m glad there were two in the box. However, my least favourite snack in this box was the Brownie Chomp Cookies. For some reason I felt like they just left a bad taste in my mouth but I think it comes down to preference.



Fruity Goodness~

March School Snack Box Details

The Cost:
$55 for 22 snacks


  • Coconut Essence Chocolate Coconut Chips (2 x 1.80)
  • Koala Salted Popcorn (4 x 1.04)
  • Kitz Living Caramel Dream Coconut (2 x 3.95)
  • Whole Kids Apple Rice Puffs (2 x 1.41)
  • Fine Fettle Everyday Fruit (2.80)
  • Eclipse Paleo Coconut Rough (4.40)
  • Snaps Smokehouse BBQ (4 x 2.69)
  • Whole Kids Sea Salt Rice Crackers (2 x 1.56)
  • Rumbles Paleo Chindii Cookies (4.80)
  • Naturally Good Brownie Chomp Muesli (3 x 1.79)

Total Retail Value:


The Box Bureau Rating: The Box Bureau Rating: 5 out of 5.



$55 for 22 snacks

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