Find some of the best Korean beauty brands in the Nudie Glow Box

I love the Korean beauty scene. To me, it is full of quirky personality, innovation and results. I get a kick out of the variety of the products, the novel ingredients, and the new beauty experiences and trends that stem from ancient traditions of generations past. I am like a kid in a candy-store as I weave my way through sheet masks, ampoules, moisturizers, and peels. Thankfully Nudie Glow makes it easy to trial authentic Korean brands (many of which are not readily available in Australia) through its quarterly Nudie Glow box.

Nudie Glow Subscription Box for Korean Beauty Buffs
Nudie Glow delivers hard-to-find Korean Brands

Each quarter Nudie Glow curates a range of the latest and highly sought after sheet masks and deliver them directly to your door along with an additional surprise beauty product to try. This beauty product could be a new-to-market moisturizer, eye mask, nose strip or serum. What I love about Nudie Glow is that its product range is unlike anything else you will see on the beauty shelves at mainstream stores. Follow their Instagram page, and you will know that the Nudie Glow team have extensive knowledge in the Korean beauty market, traveling there often and meeting with many of the brands to bring back up-to-the-minute information, products, and experiences to try. Their regular blog posts share useful tips for navigating Korean beauty products as well as offering practical beauty advise for common skin problems.

Nudie Glow Korean Sheet Mask
The Adaline Truffle Sheet Mask… not pretty on, but skin looks and feels great afterwards

The Spring Nudie Glow subscription box had several new products to try, and two of them were stand out winners for me. Firstly, the Adaline Golden Age Truffle Sheet Mask. This mask came in two pieces; one for the upper part of the face and the other for the lower part making for a snug fit that felt very comfortable on my face. My skin felt incredibly smooth and hydrated after the mask, as though I had experienced an hour-long salon facial treatment rather than a 15-min at-home sheet mask. I adored it and will be ordering more of this one from the Nudie Glow Shop.

The other product that I can’t stop raving about is the Oak Tree Sap Deep Moist Cream. This product absorbs very fast and is intensely rich but without leaving your skin feeling heavy or greasy. I use it at night and swear there is a noticeable difference to my skin in the morning.

Nudie Glow Spring Subscription Box Special Product Inclusion
I can’t rave about the Polatam Deep Moist Cream enough – love it!

The Nudie Glow subscription box is low on cost and big on impact. I would recommend it as a treat for yourself or as a gift for that friend who has everything. There is something so cathartic about spending time relaxing with a face mask and indulging in a little self-care. Give yourself a little boost this spring and sign up for your own Nudie Glow box.

Nudie Glow Subscription Box Details

The Cost:
$ 20.00 quarterly subscription (includes postage)
$ 25.00 for one-off purchase (includes postage)


  • Polatam Hydro Radiance Pure Cream Mask
  • Polatam Oak Tree Sap Deep Moist Cream
  • Adaline Truffle Sheet Mask
  • Kicho Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask
  • make P:rem Comfort me. Air Mask


Total Retail Value:
$ 27.00 approx (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


Quarterly Korean Beauty Subscription Box

$ 20.00 quarterly subscription (includes postage)
$ 25.00 for one-off purchase (includes postage)

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