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Now I may have just crawled out from under a rock, but it appears to me that the Whisky culture is having quite its moment in the sun these days. New whisky bars are opening up every-other-week, on-screen characters are making it their drink of choice and uber-cool publications are dedicating page after page to this amber liquid.  It is not surprising then that subscription boxes should follow suit. Introducing Whisky Loot – a monthly subscription box delivering three award-winning Whisky tasters each month along with expert tasting notes and a keepsake Whisky Journal.

The Whisky Loot Delivery
The Whisky Loot delivers three award-winning Whiskey tasters each month

From the minute Whisky Loot arrives you get a sense of the quality. The package is heavy with a sleek design. As soon as it arrived, I took a snap shot and sent it via group chat to see who was up for a night of premium Whisky tasting. The responses were an instantaneous ‘yes please!’.

To be fair, the 60ml bottles are not big enough to host a party with but they were big enough for a 4-people to enjoy a dram, chat about its merits and get a good feel for whether the Whisky is worth putting on the Christmas wish list.

Whiskey Loot Subscription
The Whisky Loot comes with expert tasting notes and a keepsake Whisky Journal.

It wasn’t just the Whisky itself that dominated the conversation; the Whisky Loot Keepsake Journal and Tasting Notes also took front and centre. These elements provide an informal tutorial into whisky to help move your whisky-game to the next level.

The team behind Whisky Loot go to great lengths to create a space where you can explore origins, flavour profiles, colours to identify your preferences and ensure you make better selections in the future.

The July delivery had three very different Whiskys each from a different continent.

Whisky Loot Subscription Tasting
The Whisky Loot is as much an education as it is an experience

The Pure Scot was my particular favourite. An award winning Scotch Whisky Blend from Bladnoch, Scotland it had a rich flavour with a slightly sweet smoky finish. It made me think of Christmas and fruitcake and long nights spent around an open fire.

The men in the group preferred the Whisky sampler from the Koval Distillery for its distinctive American flavours. Lighter than the PureScot, this whisky was easy drinking and an overall crowd-pleaser (if you can call 4-people a crowd)

Those more experienced Whisky drinkers in the group enjoyed the Australian Limeburners taster for its sweet fruity flavours and well-balanced finish.

The Whisky Loot subscription box does not put a foot wrong and is equally suited to men and women. I would highly recommend it as a gift for anyone who loves Whisky or for the person who has everything. Shoot, I would even recommend signing up to it yourself as a monthly treat.
Sign up now and get your first box for the reduced price of $49.95 (includes postage).

The Whisky Loot Subscription Box Details

The Cost:
$49.95 first month, $59.95 per month thereafter (includes postage)


  • Pure Scot Whisky (60 ml)
  • Koval Whisky (60 ml)
  • Limeburners Whisky (60 ml)
  • Tasting Notes
  • Whisky Journal

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Receive Three Award-Winning Whiskey Tasters Each Month

$49.95 first month, $59.95 per month thereafter (includes postage)

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