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Get a Little Box of Happiness This Summer

With the Christmas Gift Giving season upon us, there seems no better time than to review the latest edition of the Little Box of Happiness. This Summer Box is bursting with bright inspiration to relax and be happy, making it the perfect gift to shower your love on the people in your life.

As with the previous Little Box of Happiness deliveries, the Summer edit is wonderfully presented with a well-thought range of products to help you slow down and appreciate the moment. From beauty products to homewares, from tea to mindfulness prompters. This subscription box has something for everyone and will keep you in a state of ‘happy’ long after you have unpacked it.

the Summer edit is wonderfully presented with a well-thought range of products to help you slow down and appreciate the moment

Get Bright with the Summer Little Box of Happiness
My Favourite items in the Summer Little Box of Happiness

One of my favourite items was the Little Box of Happiness Mandala Throw. I loved the print and feel of the fabric, and it makes the perfect addition to any day out on the beach, park or pool. I have used it to sit on, to cover up with and even to keep the chill away. The options are endless, and its Boho design gives it a whimsical feel that keeps the happy vibe front and centre. Team this up with the Paw Paw Lip Balm in your day bag, and you are always ready to shine brightly in the sun.

Little Box of Happiness featuring Nina Bailey Candles
The Summer Little Box of Happiness delivers a signature scent for the warmer season

The Nina Bailey Luxury Travel Soy Candle is always a welcome addition to the Little Box of Happiness. They are perfection. Her fragrances are perfectly blended to produce a well-rounded scent that goes the distance without overpowering a room. The design on this particular candle is wonderfully tropical and immediately transports you to an oasis of calm and beauty.

Grow Zinnias with the Summer Little Box of Happiness
Connect with your green thumb and enjoy the bright blooms of Zinnias

I loved that the Summer Little Box of Happiness encourages you to get mindful through a range of activities and products. The Zinnia Seeds are perfect for getting out of your head and connect with the earth through a spot of gardening. These seeds grow in the bag they are packaged in allowing them to bloom no matter what your living arrangements are. If you have no backyard, courtyard or balcony it is not a drama. Just pop the Zinnia Seed bag on your kitchen bench or bright windowsill and let nature takes its course.

The combination of Happy Tea, Gratitude Diary, and Rose Quartz Rock was a winner for me in the Mindfulness stakes. Anything that helps bring about a new perspective or encourages greater joy and awareness gets my attention. I loved the flavour of the Happy Tea.  The first few sips always stop me in my tracks as I close my eyes and breathe in the aroma. I mean it, Every. Single. Cup. of this tea has this effect on me. I also love the smooth feel of the Rose Quartz rock. I keep it on my desk as I work and often find myself keeping it in the palm of my hand as I think, plan and type. It has a calming presence, and the tactile nature of holding it helps to break through my mind’s clutter and get creative.

The Little Box of Happiness never disappoints and is an excellent all-rounder in the gifts stakes. I recommend buying it for family and friends who you want to shower with kindness. It is a gift that lasts over time and always warms the heart. I would also recommend ordering one for yourself too…. why not finish the year off with a Little Box of Happiness?

The Little Box of Happiness never disappoints and is an excellent all-rounder in the gifts stakes.

Little Box of Happiness Details

The Cost:
$ 73.00 one-off delivery (excludes postage)


  • Happy Tea by Your Tea
  • LOHO Gratitude Journal
  • Rose Quartz Love Heart
  • Zinnia Seeds by Herban
  • Nina Bailey Scented Soy Candle
  • Paw Paw Lip Balm
  • Ink & Ivy Print
  • Happy Mandala Throw
  • Word Rock
  • Happy Cards

Total Retail Value:
$ 125.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:



$ 73.00 one-off delivery (excludes postage)

Be Inspired with the insanely good Spring Retreat Yourself Box

This past winter got me real good. I embraced the indoors (read: couch and Netflix) and almost completely forgot that life outside existed. That is until the Spring Retreat Yourself Box arrived on my doorstep packed full of products designed to get me outdoors and enjoying the ‘feel-good’ benefits of Spring. Everything about this edition of the Retreat Yourself Box inspires better choices and encourages movement. Perfect for this little bear coming out of her winter hibernation.

Renew with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box
Get outdoors this Spring with the Retreat Yourself Box

For starters, the Spring Retreat Yourself Box came with what I describe as a ready-made ‘out-and-about’ pack. I loaded the Yuki Threads Cotton Bag with the Daily Bar Snack Bars, Health Food Project Protein Balls, Utonic Calm drink, and RY Wellness Magazine and headed out to the local park for an hour or two of motivating reading in the sun.

Refresh yourself with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box
Drinks a-plenty with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

The Yuki Threads bag not only looks great and feels good to wear, but it is also made from Organic Fairtrade Cotton ensuring that marginalized cotton farmers are respected and empowered. I love buying and using products that bring about positive change, and after reading the Fairtrade feature in the RY Wellness magazine, I use my Yuki Threads bag any chance I get.

The Utonic Calm beverage had an unusual flavor and was not a drink I could guzzle down. Instead, it was a slow and steady drink which helped slow my pace and relax. Utonic Calm contains a combination of sour cherry, green tea, chamomile, and passionflower making it a potent blend for aiding calm and reducing anxiety. It went perfectly well with the Health Food Project Protein Balls and The Daily Bar Snack Bars. Both products pack an awful lot of goodness into delicious and convenient on-the-go nibbles.

Snack better with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box
Discover new treats with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

The Sacred Flower Rose Flower Essence Mix was a late addition to my out-and-about pack, but I am so glad I threw it in. I am a sucker for a mist spray and use them regularly to refresh, re-group and rehydrate. After an hour or so of soaking up the sun, a couple of quick spritzes of the Rose Mist and I was ready to pack my bag up and head home feeling radiant and inspired.

Retreat Yourself Spring Rose Mist
Refresh with the rose mist spray included in the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

The Spring Retreat Yourself Box also encouraged a bit of garden work the Sow Grow Herb In A Bag kit. Getting your hands dirty and watching something grow is always good for the soul and great for shaking off negativity. I started my gardening day off with the super easy Herb In A bag (Sage; my fave) and got so taken with the sense of new beginnings that I took myself off to Bunnings and loaded up with a range of herbs, vegetables, and flowers to plant. I was dirty, exhausted and so very satisfied. Spring had arrived and brought with it renewed energy and a new perspective. And at the end of it all, I sat in the backyard sipping on the incredibly smooth and inviting Mojo Body Beautiful Tea thinking the Retreat Yourself Box had done it again. Delivering a well-thought-out mix of products to herald in the new season and ‘relax, refresh and renew.’

I can’t recommend this box highly enough for anyone wanting inspiration with each new season and encouragement to slow down and be the best you can be through regular self-care. Sign up quickly though because the Retreat Yourself Boxes sell out within hours of going on sale and 3-months is a long to wait for next box!

Bloom and Grow with the Retreat Yourself Box
Enjoy growing your own herbs with the Spring Retreat Yourself Box

Spring Retreat Yourself Box Details

The Cost:
$ 59.90 quarterly delivery (includes postage)


  • Koja Breakfast Toppers
  • The Daily Bar Salted Caramel with Cashews
  • The Daily Bar Mulberries & Mesquite
  • Yuki Threads X RY Fairtrade Organic Cotton Bag
  • Health Food Project Cookie Dough Protein Balls
  • Nakeba Vegan Soap
  • Photography Byron Bay Square Matte Print
  • Health Naturally Sukha Herbs Rejuvenate Tonic
  • The Purist Collection Happy Balm
  • Utonic Calm Beverage
  • Sow Grow Eat Herb in a Bag
  • Sacred Flower Rose Flower Essence Mist
  • Mojo Tea Body Beautiful Tea & E: Book
  • RY Wellness Magazine

Total Retail Value:
$ 120.00 approx (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:



$ 59.90 quarterly delivery (includes postage)

Find some of the best Korean beauty brands in the Nudie Glow Box

I love the Korean beauty scene. To me, it is full of quirky personality, innovation and results. I get a kick out of the variety of the products, the novel ingredients, and the new beauty experiences and trends that stem from ancient traditions of generations past. I am like a kid in a candy-store as I weave my way through sheet masks, ampoules, moisturizers, and peels. Thankfully Nudie Glow makes it easy to trial authentic Korean brands (many of which are not readily available in Australia) through its quarterly Nudie Glow box.

Nudie Glow Subscription Box for Korean Beauty Buffs
Nudie Glow delivers hard-to-find Korean Brands

Each quarter Nudie Glow curates a range of the latest and highly sought after sheet masks and deliver them directly to your door along with an additional surprise beauty product to try. This beauty product could be a new-to-market moisturizer, eye mask, nose strip or serum. What I love about Nudie Glow is that its product range is unlike anything else you will see on the beauty shelves at mainstream stores. Follow their Instagram page, and you will know that the Nudie Glow team have extensive knowledge in the Korean beauty market, traveling there often and meeting with many of the brands to bring back up-to-the-minute information, products, and experiences to try. Their regular blog posts share useful tips for navigating Korean beauty products as well as offering practical beauty advise for common skin problems.

Nudie Glow Korean Sheet Mask
The Adaline Truffle Sheet Mask… not pretty on, but skin looks and feels great afterwards

The Spring Nudie Glow subscription box had several new products to try, and two of them were stand out winners for me. Firstly, the Adaline Golden Age Truffle Sheet Mask. This mask came in two pieces; one for the upper part of the face and the other for the lower part making for a snug fit that felt very comfortable on my face. My skin felt incredibly smooth and hydrated after the mask, as though I had experienced an hour-long salon facial treatment rather than a 15-min at-home sheet mask. I adored it and will be ordering more of this one from the Nudie Glow Shop.

The other product that I can’t stop raving about is the Oak Tree Sap Deep Moist Cream. This product absorbs very fast and is intensely rich but without leaving your skin feeling heavy or greasy. I use it at night and swear there is a noticeable difference to my skin in the morning.

Nudie Glow Spring Subscription Box Special Product Inclusion
I can’t rave about the Polatam Deep Moist Cream enough – love it!

The Nudie Glow subscription box is low on cost and big on impact. I would recommend it as a treat for yourself or as a gift for that friend who has everything. There is something so cathartic about spending time relaxing with a face mask and indulging in a little self-care. Give yourself a little boost this spring and sign up for your own Nudie Glow box.

Nudie Glow Subscription Box Details

The Cost:
$ 20.00 quarterly subscription (includes postage)
$ 25.00 for one-off purchase (includes postage)


  • Polatam Hydro Radiance Pure Cream Mask
  • Polatam Oak Tree Sap Deep Moist Cream
  • Adaline Truffle Sheet Mask
  • Kicho Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask
  • make P:rem Comfort me. Air Mask


Total Retail Value:
$ 27.00 approx (excludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


Quarterly Korean Beauty Subscription Box

$ 20.00 quarterly subscription (includes postage)
$ 25.00 for one-off purchase (includes postage)

In The Daylight Offers A New Way To Communicate

Lately, I had a bit of a spring clean of my Instagram feed, adding some new people to give things a bit of a freshen up. I found myself gravitating towards people who create whimsical illustrations reflecting everyday life, relationships, and nature. From flowers to pets, pineapples to people. Each image captures my heart and breathes beauty into my day. When I received the In the Daylight subscription Box, it was as though my Instagram feed had come to life. This stationery subscription delivers greeting cards with illustrated designs that are gorgeous and worthy of putting a stamp on.

In the Daylight September Box
The September Contents of the In The Daylight Subscription Box

There is so much to love about the In the Daylight Subscription Box. Everything about the delivery is polished and swoon-worthy. The brown paper-wrapped cards are beautiful and made from thick, high-quality paper. The little package of vintage Australian stamps and sweet ‘guest artist’ craft gift takes the package to the next level, and I adored it all.

“Everything about the delivery is polished and swoon-worthy”

Every two months, the creators of the In the Daylight send five Australian-designed & made greeting cards, with a matching envelope. To make using the cards super-easy, they also include five postage stamps. So there is no excuse to ‘not send’ well-wishes for birthdays, baby arrivals, thank-you(s) and thinking of you(s). The final inclusion is a surprise gift from a talented guest crafter/artist.

Illustrated In The Daylight Greeting Cards
In The Daylight provides a range of greeting cards that are all Australian-designed & made.

With the In the Daylight Subscription Box, you always have the cards and stamps on hand for upcoming occasions and celebrations. Sending well wishes the old-fashioned way couldn’t be any easier and certainly makes a change from the SMS and Facebook greetings most of us now use. Experience simple pleasures and joy with a subscription to In The Daylight. You won’t regret it.

In The Daylight Details

The Cost:
$ 34.95 bi-monthly delivery (includes postage for Australian addresses)

5 x Greeting Card with Matching Envelopes
5 x Vintage Australian Postage Stamps
1 x Unique Guest Gift

Total Retail Value:
$ 50.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


Bi-Monthly Australian Made & Designed Greeting Card Subscription

$ 34.95 Bi-monthly Subscription (includes postage)

Get Excited With New The Market Case Subscription Box

Every year around Spring time the same thing happens, I get a hankering for some good farmer’s market action. There is something salubrious about coming out of winter hibernation and going in search for new products, flavours and trends to help mark the start of Spring. The Market Case subscription box makes this a wholesome task easier with its monthly delivery of speciality products from Farmers Markets all over Australia.

Each box contains small-batch products from some of Australia’s most exciting artisan producers and growers ranging from food-items to coffees, teas, organic cosmetics, gifts and homewares. Every delivery is a surprise and reflects the incredible talent found in Australian small businesses.

small-batch products from some of Australia’s most exciting artisan producers and growers

Red Polka Dots for The Market Case
The Market Case contents come beautifully wrapped in a bright polka dot tea towel.

The July Market Case was gorgeous and arrived with the contents beautifully wrapped in a bright polka dot tea towel. First impressions count, and I love the one this subscription box gives.   My favourite product was the Boonderoo Walnut and Date Roulade simply because, it tasted amazing and went so well with my afternoon espresso. Equally enjoyable as an afternoon treat was the Bizzari Dolci Hand Made Biscuits (with tea) and the Petite Provence Gourmet Olives (with wine).

The Market Case Afternoon Snacks
Afternoon tea breaks made better with The Market Case

I enjoyed experimenting with the Amber Drop Honey Ginger Honey  and its subtle ginger infusion. I found myself adding it to stir-fries and salad dressings for a bit of extra kick.

New product flavours with The Market Case
Discover new flavour variants with The Market Case

The Ginger & Lime Chilli Honey from Anthony’s Sauces and Condiments transformed a batch of chicken wings into gloriously sticky goodness. I think it is safe to say that I broke a personal best record with the number of wings I consumed that evening.

The Market Case Lifestyle Products
The Market Case adds lifestyle products into the mix

The Market Case team balance out the product range with a few non-food items that they have found on Farmer’s Market scene. The De’Bees Signature Balms Gift Pack was excellent with the Pucker Up Vanilla Lip Balm, Breathe Easy Chest and Back Rub and Bees Wax Candle. I haven’t stopped using them. And the beeswax food wrap from Yardnajar was gorgeous with its retro floral print and handmade back story. It is the perfect size for everyday use and a practical alternative to plastic.

If you are someone who loves a little wander around a farmers markets but doesn’t always have the time to get to them, then I would highly recommend signing up to The Market Case. The cost is very reasonable, and the product range is expertly curated making for a hugely positive experience.

The Market Case Details

The Cost:
$ 34.95 monthly delivery (includes postage)
$ 99.00 3-month subscription (includes postage)


  • Bizzari Dolci Hand Made Biscuits
  • Petite Provence Gourmet Olives
  • Anthony’s Sauces and Condiments
  • De’Bees Signature Balms
  • Amber Drop Honey Ginger Honey
  • Booneroo Walnut and Date Roulade
  • Yardnajar Beeswax Food Wraps
  • Spotted Tea Towel

Total Retail Value:
$ 45.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Get Artisan Food and Lifestyle Products Delivered To Your Door

$ 34.95 monthly delivery (includes postage)

Expand your artistic skills with the insanely good Red’s Art Cart

I have never thought of myself as the creative type. I love music, photography and trawling around craft markets but I have always been an artistic spectator rather than a producer. That has all changed with the Red’s Art Cart Subscription Box. This monthly delivery is an art-class-in-a box that quickly draws out the artistic skills and grows creative confidence

The Red’s Art Cart is Australia’s first dedicated art subscription box created by Mrs Red Art Room, an online art class and store for art dabblers. Each month Mrs Red selects a theme and curates high-quality art supplies to post out in the Art Cart Box. She then uploads detailed YouTube tutorials hosted by herself to provide 30 mins of instruction and inspiration.

Her no fuss, easy-to-follow YouTube videos soon had me lost in a world of vibrant water colours.

Red's Art Cart delivers an art class to your home
Mrs Red knows how to teach and encourage playfulness

The Red’s Art Cart I received had a water colour theme to it and included two types of water paint products and techniques. I have to admit; it took me a while to get around to using the box because of my lack of confidence, but I needn’t have worried. Mrs Red knows how to teach art skills and encourage playfulness. Her no fuss, easy-to-follow YouTube videos soon had me lost in a world of vibrant water colours, exploring techniques and producing work of which I was proud. I loved ending my week this way and dabbling with my Red’s Art Cart has now become a bit of a Friday afternoon habit. Soothing the mind and grounding the soul.

Kids love getting artistic with Red’s Art Cart

Red’s Art Cart has everything you need to complete the tutorial with enough product supplied to encourage more than one art session. There is enough to go back to time and time again to hone ‘dem skills and grow. I recommend a subscription to Red’s Art Cart to anyone looking for an artistic outlet or mindful activity to do at home. The quality of the contents and YouTube tutorials are terrific without being overwhelming. It is addictive fun and you will be so glad you signed up.

Red’s Art Cart Details:

The Cost:
$ 38.00 monthly delivery (excludes postage)


  • Cotman Water Colours
  • Winsor & Newton Profession Water Colour Stick
  • Winslow Water Colour Postcards
  • Stabilo Sensor
  • Jasart Round White Taklon 6


Total Retail Value:
$ 42.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


Get Monthly Art Classes Delivered To Your Door

$ 38.00 monthly delivery (excludes postage)

Enjoy Award-Winning Whisky Every Month With Whisky Loot

Now I may have just crawled out from under a rock, but it appears to me that the Whisky culture is having quite its moment in the sun these days. New whisky bars are opening up every-other-week, on-screen characters are making it their drink of choice and uber-cool publications are dedicating page after page to this amber liquid.  It is not surprising then that subscription boxes should follow suit. Introducing Whisky Loot – a monthly subscription box delivering three award-winning Whisky tasters each month along with expert tasting notes and a keepsake Whisky Journal.

The Whisky Loot Delivery
The Whisky Loot delivers three award-winning Whiskey tasters each month

From the minute Whisky Loot arrives you get a sense of the quality. The package is heavy with a sleek design. As soon as it arrived, I took a snap shot and sent it via group chat to see who was up for a night of premium Whisky tasting. The responses were an instantaneous ‘yes please!’.

To be fair, the 60ml bottles are not big enough to host a party with but they were big enough for a 4-people to enjoy a dram, chat about its merits and get a good feel for whether the Whisky is worth putting on the Christmas wish list.

Whiskey Loot Subscription
The Whisky Loot comes with expert tasting notes and a keepsake Whisky Journal.

It wasn’t just the Whisky itself that dominated the conversation; the Whisky Loot Keepsake Journal and Tasting Notes also took front and centre. These elements provide an informal tutorial into whisky to help move your whisky-game to the next level.

The team behind Whisky Loot go to great lengths to create a space where you can explore origins, flavour profiles, colours to identify your preferences and ensure you make better selections in the future.

The July delivery had three very different Whiskys each from a different continent.

Whisky Loot Subscription Tasting
The Whisky Loot is as much an education as it is an experience

The Pure Scot was my particular favourite. An award winning Scotch Whisky Blend from Bladnoch, Scotland it had a rich flavour with a slightly sweet smoky finish. It made me think of Christmas and fruitcake and long nights spent around an open fire.

The men in the group preferred the Whisky sampler from the Koval Distillery for its distinctive American flavours. Lighter than the PureScot, this whisky was easy drinking and an overall crowd-pleaser (if you can call 4-people a crowd)

Those more experienced Whisky drinkers in the group enjoyed the Australian Limeburners taster for its sweet fruity flavours and well-balanced finish.

The Whisky Loot subscription box does not put a foot wrong and is equally suited to men and women. I would highly recommend it as a gift for anyone who loves Whisky or for the person who has everything. Shoot, I would even recommend signing up to it yourself as a monthly treat.
Sign up now and get your first box for the reduced price of $49.95 (includes postage).

The Whisky Loot Subscription Box Details

The Cost:
$49.95 first month, $59.95 per month thereafter (includes postage)


  • Pure Scot Whisky (60 ml)
  • Koval Whisky (60 ml)
  • Limeburners Whisky (60 ml)
  • Tasting Notes
  • Whisky Journal

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Receive Three Award-Winning Whiskey Tasters Each Month

$49.95 first month, $59.95 per month thereafter (includes postage)

See Good In The World With The Change Box Subscription

There is something incredibly lovely about receiving a subscription box that reminds us of the good that exists in our world. All to too often our news feeds contain stories of horror, prejudice and tragic events. It is nice to know to then that The Change Box Subscription Box has you covered by delivering a monthly dose of hope and feel-good factor.

The Change Box Subscription Box is on a mission to highlight the treasure-trove of ethical brands with a heart to alter the world for the better. They select a range of socially conscious products with a focus on sustainability and spirit of generosity. Each delivery includes a combination of premium beauty products, homewares and snack items, all of which must be vegan and cruelty-free.

a range of socially conscious products with a focus on sustainability and spirit of generosity

The Change Box features Hanami Cosmetics
The Change Box delivers Hanami Cosmetics – cosmetics with a conscious

And if all that was not enough to make you feel better about the world we live in The Change Box also donates 10% of its profits to Charity. Currently, The Change Box is a proud supporter of One Girl – an organisation dedicated to empowering girls through education. So this means that subscribers to The Change Box are not only supporting small businesses who are trying to make a difference but they are also supporting charities such as One Girl.

The July Change Box had a terrific range of products, perfect for the cooler months. I was particularly fond of the Hanami Darling Clementine Cream Blush. The shade was perfect for my pale winter skin, giving off a subtle hint of colour. I am a huge fan of this Australian made and owned brand. Its colourful range of vegan beauty products always impresses so I was thrilled to receive a full-sized product.

The Change Box introduces The Social Cup
Relax and enjoy The Social Cup blend knowing it has been ethically sourced.

Another favourite product was the Kakadu Plum Co Lemon Myrtle Sample. This company is doing amazing work in collaboration with the Australian indigenous people, communities and native Australian food industry. Their products are packed-full of goodness. I have been using their Kakadu Plum Powder all winter long to boost my Vitamin-C intake and am excited now to try the Lemon Myrtle superfood blend. This blend is bursting with good-for-you minerals and antiseptic properties, including vitamin A, E and magnesium; great for digestion and immune systems.

The July Change Box
The Physic Garden delivers a peaceful night’s sleep with it’s all-natural sleep balm

The Social Cup Relax Tea is the best relax blend I have tasted in a long while. It is very smooth and well-rounded, without have an overpowering straw/earthy flavour to it. Even better, the people behind the Social cup have sourced the best tea products from Fairtrade farmers and women-led cooperatives around the world. They donate 50% of their profits to projects that empower women and educate children in their tea growing regions . How could you not love that!

These are just some of the feel-good stories behind the products included in the July Change Box. There are a still a handful more products each with another story to share. So if you want to experience a little more ‘good’ in your world and be the change you want to see in the world then subscribe to The Change Box. It is a wonderful bit of colour in what can sometimes be a dark world.


The Change Box Subscription Details

The Cost:
$ 54.95 monthly delivery (excludes postage)


  • The Social Cup Relax Tea
  • Hanami Darling Clementine Cream Blush
  • The Physic Garden Sleep Balm
  • Kakadu Plum Co Lemon Myrtle with Kakadu Plum
  • Knowrish Well Sea-Salt Caramel Coconut Chips
  • I think of you. You think of Me Card

Total Retail Value:
$ 68.00 approx (exludes postage)

The Box Bureau Rating:


And Support Ethical Brands

$ 54.95 monthly delivery (excludes postage)